Thursday, February 9, 2012

Playa del Carmen

Yesterday we drove down to Playa del Carmen for the day. It was quite a shock after being in a more authentic version of Mexico for over two months. Everyone spoke English and when a Mexican speaks to me I expect it to be in Spanish so it takes me a minute to figure out what they are saying. Same with the money, everyone wants dollars and I think in pesos so I have to convert all the prices to pesos to see if I am getting a bargain. Conclusion: There are no bargains here!

We had a bite to eat and found the food to be great in the restaurant we chose with the portions larger than we have had anywhere in Mexico. I guess they are trying to satisfy the gringo demand to overeat. It was unfortunate we did not wait because just down the street was a restaurant serving traditional Mayan food which we have been wanting to try.

Anyway, we got back to Cancun as the sun was setting and started loading the lawn chairs and such into the car in preparation for leaving this morning. It was the wrong thing to do as the bugs were out in full force as the sun went down and we both came in with a few dozen fresh bites. I am lucky that they only last an hour or so on me but Norma suffers all the next day. I guess I have more blood to dilute the sting. Anyway, Norma woke up with a headache and I am not feeling right up to par either so we decided to pay another $250 pesos and have a full day of rest before heading south. We are having problems leaving El Meco Loco RV park but what the heck, we don’t have to be anywhere until April! Life is Good!


The money changer. New prices reflect the Canadian dollar is doing well!


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  1. It is not that the Canadian dollar is doing well, it is that the U.S. dollar is NOT doing well.

  2. Good for you, bad for us! Sue and I have been enjoying keeping up with your adventures.