Thursday, August 17, 2017

Cooling Down

It is cooling down in BC! I hope it is just temporary but I just barely managed to stay on the porch late enough to watch the end of the Blue Jars game this afternoon (they won!), I also see there was snow on the highway near 100 Mile House in central BC. Come on, give us a break! Snow? It's August!

I also saw a poll showing Trump still enjoys the support of 76% of Republican Voters. Tell me again that Republicans are not racists (at least the vast majority of them). His approval rating among all voters is at 45%. A Facebook reader sent me another poll that confirmed the 76% figure but gave him only 35% among all voters.

We have to remember that Trump was elected with the votes of only 31% of eligible voters  (62 million out of 200 million). By pretty well all polls, he is holding at least that number (35% by my reader's poll, 45% by mine). He just has to get them to the polls and apathetic voters will put him in again. Lets hope he gets impeached or resigns before my theory is put to the test.


  1. In a recent poll, 52 per cent of Republicans would agree with postponing the 2018 election if the Trump felt it was necessary.

    Also, fifty-two percent of respondents in the NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll said Trump’s response to Charlottesville was “not strong enough.” Twenty-seven percent found it to be “strong enough” with another 21 percent unsure.

    Notwithstanding that 52% is a majority, what most fail to recognize is the remaining 48% that were polled and either feel Trump's response was strong enough or are just plain wishy-washy with no opinion.

    This is WHY, barring any intervening act like impeachment, Trump could be reelected.

  2. I just can't stand this talk about a majority of the US population supporting that F*(king idiot of a President! No, his approval rating is way below 35% and it just keeps going down every time he opens his mouth. The only thing keeping me even a bit happy is that it is Trump and not that idiot of a Vice President. Who needs some right-wing Christian jerk coming along and, comparatively, looking good? Sorry but religion has been behind most wars and I don't need some zealot in charge around here. Sorry! I'll go be quiet now!

    1. So tell us what you REALLY think Don! :)

      All indications are that he is holding on to his base. The pointy hat guys love him and it is becoming obvious that many people have pointy hats in the closet. Sickening!

  3. I can't stand Trump!!! and his bigoted team!!!