Friday, August 25, 2017


Norma's roses just love the sprinkle of rain we got yesterday!

And going back a couple of days, here is the Camera Obscura (pinhole camera) I made out of a cereal box to view the eclipse. It worked great, we would have seen nothing without it.


  1. We di the pin hole camera as well and like you we did get better than nothings, worked great, Ok we had Cheerios, bit less fibre but the box did the trick.

  2. What a beautiful rose! If you frame and mount on the wall all the photos you've taken each season of Norma's flower garden, she would have her garden in the house forever.

    By the way, have you and Norma ever been to Rockport, Texas? It is getting hammered by Harvey right now, and the storm is coming in as a Cat. 4. We have never been there, but from the tv coverage, it looks fairly close to the coast.

    1. We are monitoring the situation on the Gulf Coast closely. We have been to Rockport several times.

      I must get that rose printed and framed, it is a beauty.

    2. Croft, Rockport must be a small town where everyone knows everyone else. Just listened to the Mayor and his Emergency Director on CNN, and the Mayor became a little emotional with all the reporters' questions, especially regarding the one death determined so far, as if he knew her. He also spoke of certain buildings now missing which he liked and grew up with. In order to get the Mayor in a better mood, the director reminded the Mayor that there are also buildings still standing which the Mayor wished the storm had taken out. He then got a smile out of the Mayor.

    3. It is a small fishing town on a scenic, popular secondary highway. Population around 10,000 so I can see where the mayor would know many of the residents. We stopped there for lunch a couple of times, a nice little town as I recall.