Monday, August 7, 2017


Campbell River is under severe watering restrictions but Norma is still allowed to hand water her flowers. They are not doing as well as in previous years but not bad under the circumstances. Here is a lily bush (tree?) that she was particularly proud of this morning.

She has an alternate source of water. We have a 365 day a year stream on the back slope that we could easily use to fill buckets. It would be a little more work but her flowers will survive any drought. :)

Current restrictions:
Days permitted:
  • Even numbered address: Monday only
  • Odd numbered address: Thursday only
Times permitted:  5:00 a.m – 9:00 a.m and 7:00 p.m – 10:00 p.m
Watering gardens, trees, shrubs and community gardens by hand or spring-loaded type nozzles with automatic shut-off connected to hose is allowed at any time during the day in all stages of watering restrictions.


  1. Love the lily's and looks like you are getting by nicely !

  2. Her lilies are looking beautiful. We are having the same problem, very little rain but we have the river as a water source and draw the water from there. I have Kevin watering several gardens once every two days and last month I had to have him put sprinklers on those gardens every day because it was just so hot. The ones that I have in pots I have to water twice a day! Lots of work but for the most part they are looking great but not quite as good as previous years when we have had more rain.

    Norma's gardens always look so nice! :-)

  3. Once per week for the lawn is very strict. We have 3 times per week allowed and out lawn is suffering with the extended heat. Using the hose with a nozzle is the norm, how else would she normally water?

    1. They don't want us to use sprinklers. Have you thought of hooking an RV water pump to a hose and using lake water? Or is that forbidden?

  4. Norma's lily bush is so beautiful and seems to hold up well in spite of the drought. You've given me an idea. I make a bi-yearly visit (about a three-hour drive) to Claxton, Georgia to the church cemetery where my parents were laid to rest to clean up the grave site and plant new flowers. In looking at Norma's lilies, instead, I will look for silk lilies like Norma's live lilies; the silk ones will last longer on the grave site. The contrast of the red center against the white bloom is just simply gorgeous.