Friday, December 20, 2013

Papa Noel

In Louisiana Santa is known as Papa Noel. Since there is never any snow, the Jolly Old Man trades in his sleigh for a piroque (a small, flat bottomed boat) pulled through the rivers, levees and swamps by alligators named Gaston, Ninette, "Te-Boy", Celeste, Suzette, etc, all led by Nicollette with her huge glowing green eyes.

In order to help Nicollette and Papa Noel find the small settlements along the waterways, residents gather on Christmas Eve to light bonfires on the shore where tradition states that everyone must bring wood to contribute to these communal bonfires. Papa Noel then leaves a small gift for each child and goes on his way.

In case you have been following the latest debate on FOX News about the color of Santa, I will throw in my opinion. Prepare yourselves. Santa is NOT white. He is descended from Saint Nicholas who was from the south of Turkey which at the time was part of Greece. Therefore he is olive skinned, probably dark olive. Sorry to disappoint, but now you know.


  1. Each culture has their "Santa" traditions. This one was especially interesting. Good story.

  2. The same with Jesus. I doubt seriously that he was lily white with golden locks. Here in Mexico, Santa's color runs the spectrum from white to black in Veracruz.

    1. If Jesus "Hay-zus" was white, he would have been bullied in school! No, 2000 years ago Palestinian kids were not white.

  3. Interesting story about Santa in Louisiana. I sure hope Faux News doesn't hear about this, they'll have a heart attack.