Saturday, February 9, 2008

Back to Guadalajara Centro

We took the bus back to the old Centro of Guadalajara today. It was an exciting ride through very narrow streets at high speed! The bus ride cost only $41/2 Pesos ($.40 CAN) and took about an hour each way. We had three very positive interactions with Locals on the way back from the Centro. We got on the wrong bus by mistake and as we were talking about it a young man behind us offered to help, went to talk to the driver and came back to tell us how and where to get the proper bus. Then when we went to get off the bus, I left a parcel on the floor. It was a gift bag from a very expensive and well known shop in the Centro. A man sitting across from me called me back to get it when I was half way to the rear door. He could just as easily have waited until we got off and picked it up. The third time was when we decided to take a cab the rest of the way instead of waiting for the second bus. Our neighbours, who offered to pay, gave the driver $10 Pesos more than the $70 Pesos he had asked for. Instead of just taking the money, he made sure that they were aware that they had paid too much. They thanked him for being so honest and told him it was a tip. Once again we were shown how helpful and honest the Mexican people are!

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