Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Second Try For Teuchitlán

I decided to fight my cold by making a second try to find the Archaeological site at Teuchitlán before I left the area. I wrote down all the alternate names for the site off the Internet and set off with a more positive attitude. I found the site easily using the alternate name as there are signs in the town. It is an amazing sight! There are two main pyramids with a third yet to be excavated. There were several workers on the main pyramid today reinforcing the stones. I was pretty much the only visitor there at the time and as a result had the attention of the on site Archaeologist to myself. She is a young Mexican woman who is very knowledgeable on the excavations. She helped me fill out a detailed response form in Spanish on the site and my questions and observations. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day and just to have stood where the Pre-Columbian, Pre-Mayan people lived and worked was spellbinding. It is something I shall never forget.

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