Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Water Dog

Next door to the RV Park is a large lot and a house with a dog in a fenced in area. The lawn was being watered with one of those huge agricultural type sprinklers that slowly revolves in a circle. Once every pass it would spray into the fenced dog's area. The dog would fixate on the sprinkler as it slowly made it's circle, barking and jumping all the time. As it got closer to his area he would start going crazy waiting for it until it finally sprayed him. At that time he would jump up half way to the top of the fence and move sideways under the spray until he came to the fence on the other side where he would start the whole routine over again waiting for the next shower. It was midday, sunny and about 27 degrees and he was taking full advantage of the cool shower! For this particular dog on this particular day in Guadalajara, Life Is Good!

Note - the photos did not come through on this posting so you will have to use your imagination to visualize the dog jumping at the fence. I will try to post it again when the connection is better

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