Saturday, February 16, 2008

Villa Corona Centro

Just a few scenes from downtown Villa Corona. As I was taking these a Mexican kid about 25 - 30 came over and started talking to me in perfect English. He lived in California but came back to his home village at least once a month. He said he was absolutly sick of California and just wants to come home! We hear this same story over and over down here. Mexican youth, legal and illegal, go to the States because they think they can earn a lot of money but soon find that the high cost of living wipes out most of what they earn. Most have a wife and kids in Mexico and miss them terribly while finding it very difficult to send home enough money to keep their families. They are all hoping that the situation will be improved after the next USA election. I hope they are right. These are all very hard working, honest people that just need a chance.

They come to the hot springs here in large family groups on their one day off, pay $80 Pesos ($7.50 CAN) for adults and $40 Pesos ($3.75 CAN) for children to get in. They arrive when the pools open and stay until they close, getting full value for their money. They make their meals in the huge, shaded picnic area equipped with tables and barbeques. Mexican are far more family orientated than we are. There are plenty of teenagers here but they are all with their families, taking their turns supervising their younger brothers and sisters.

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