Thursday, February 7, 2008

Teuchitlan Wild Goose Chase

Teuchitlan is a tiny village about one hundred Kilometers West of our RV Park and for some reason I had drawn a circle around it on the map. Someone along the way had told me to visit it but I did not make a note as to why. I looked it up on the Internet ans found a reference to the town and was told it contained some ruins of a past civilization.

I decided to take a trip there yesterday and headed off by myself at around 10:00 after the traffic on the Periferico, the circle road around Guadalajara, had died down. Along the way I got a little lost and missed the turnoff to the town as I did not have my map reader with me. I stopped at a Pemex and got straightened out. I found the town and looked around for some sign of or to the ruins. Nothing. I found the Police Station and went in, finding an officer who spoke English. I asked him how to get to the ruins and he had no idea what I was talking about! "I know of no ruins near here" he said.

Well. there must be two places in Mexico with the same name and it just proves that I should do a little more research before I take off in a cloud of dust! In any case, the day was not wasted. I saw a beautiful little village and met an accommodating policeman. Here in Teuchitlan, Jal., Mexico, Life Is Good!

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