Saturday, February 2, 2008

First Day In Guadalajara

Guadalajara is a HUGE city! The population is well over four million and a good percentage of them were on the road today! We had good directions to the San Jose Del Tajo RV Park. The traffic started getting very heavy as we entered the city and eventually got to the point where it was almost impossible to change lanes with a motorhome and tow car combination fifty feet long. I finally worked my way over into the proper lane to turn into the park but when we got there all there was was a huge vacant lot with a "For Sale" sign off to one side! It looked like it may have been an RV Park at one time but it was badly overgrown. I had come to a full stop by now and the traffic behind me started beeping their horns so we moved on a block or so to where we could pull over into a "No Parking" area where we could stop and think out our next move.

It was certainly possible that the park had closed. They are closing all over Mexico to make way for condo development but then again our friend Les had been at the same park only three weeks ago. We decided to abandon the motorhome and walk back to see if we had missed something. There was a restaurant next door to the vacant lot and the owner assured us that yes, what we thought to be a vacant lot was in fact the entrance to the San Jose RV Park. The "For Sale" sign applied to the property next door to the RV Park and the park itself was further up the road that went through the empty lot. We then asked the restaurant owner how we could get turned around to get back to the entrance. He said it would be far easier to show us than to try to tell us so the three of us walked back to the rig and he led me a couple of miles further up the road to an overpass where we turned around and then back past the RV park to another overpass, made another U-turn, dropped him off at his restaurant and made the turn into the park. It is very nice. The pool is suffering from neglect and we probably will not use it but everything else seems fine with the exception of the sewer line which overflowed when I dumped into it. The manager assured us he would have it taken care of first thing Monday so we are using the holding tank until then.

Our neighbour in the Park has a satellite system for Internet and sells WIFI access for a token amount. While I was talking to him I asked him what kind of a signal he was getting on his Star Choice and he graciously offered to let me plug into his dish to save me the trouble of setting my own up. The dishes have four outputs so sharing is not a problem. He has the large dish and I am getting a signal strength of 45 where all I was getting with my own smaller dish in Mazatlan was 27. This larger dish is at the top of my shopping list for next year. We are all settled down now and making plans to do some exploring by bus tomorrow.

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