Friday, February 15, 2008

Down For The Count (again)!

I got hit by another 24 hour bug yesterday. It was not too bad this time but I had a major headache the whole time and could not get too far from my new best friend, the toilet (photo attached). I just lay in bed and ordered soup, bread, Imodium and Tylenol all day. This is the second time I have been hit by this vicious little bug and I have little idea what caused it. I do not drink the tap water but then again I am not fanatical about it. I brush my teeth with it and eat at taco stands, where the food is possibly sometimes washed in tap water. If someone mixes me a drink I do not inquire what water they used for the ice. The very few people we have run into who are fanatical about the food and water do not get to experience the “real” Mexico and I feel that the small, calculated risks that I take are well worth the benefits! I personally believe your chances are about the same whether or not you watch carefully. You have to build up immunity to the water at some point as it is virtually impossible to isolate yourself from all sources. My bouts with the “crud” only last 24 hours while some people I have talked to have suffered for a week with it. I think this is because I have developed at least some immunity. Or then again, maybe it was a bad batch of Tequila!

I am up and around again today and we are thinking about heading a half hour up the road to the Wal Mart Superstore outside Guadalajara. Villa Corona has no large grocery stores, only several very small “corner store” type groceries. There is, however a fantastic bakery within walking distance of the RV Park. I just love Mexican bakeries! This one is very typical of all the bakeries we have found (see photo). It is small, old and equipped with a wood burning oven that takes up one wall, bricks stained dark from the heat and smoke of generations of bakers plying their trade. The walls are brick or stone which holds the heat in very well. The smells when you walk in are beyond description! The work is done on a large table in the middle of the room. There is no “counter” but you walk right into the work area where you pick up an aluminum tray and a pair of tongs and walk around picking up your selections. The clerk then uses the same tongs to place your items in a bag, adding up the total. We bought a selection of buns, rolls and cake and when I paid the few Pesos it cost I told the clerk to keep the small amount of change as a tip. As we were walking out the door, the baker came around his table and handed me a huge, steaming hot cinnamon bun that had just came out of the oven as his “thank you” for our business and maybe for tipping his workers. In this county, you always get as good as you give.
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  1. This one started out questionable, but ended on a lovely high note. Thank you showing a clean toilet. I have had the misfortune to have to clean up some of those that were in pretty sad shape.