Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day With A Difference

I can't say I am watching it but it is on in the background and Norma is sort of watching it. It is a sad occasion and the country will not benefit from this President.

In stark contrast I remember Obama's first Inauguration with much better memories. We were in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, an area called The Mexican Riviera (not that it bears any similarity to the Real Riviera.

We were in a large RV park and had Starchoice set up. Many of our neighbors were Americans and very few had TV as none of the American satellite systems reach that far south. We put out a general invitation for anyone to come join us and soon the RV started filling up until all the seats were taken and the last three or four people brought in folding chairs.

It was a happy occasion with what seemed like everyone very proud of America's pick for President.  Everyone had something positive to say and many tears of pride were shed. One American said he wished that his parents had lived to see this day, that they would be very proud.

This Inauguration, I do not think I have heard that word, "proud" mentioned even once by anyone in reference to the President Elect. In reference to the process maybe, but not the man. It is a sad occasion.

He is a Bull In A China Shop and I am holding my breath in hopes that he does not break anything important before he finds the back door and gets out.


  1. "Not my president" takes on new meaning today.

  2. He is my President and I am glad to say he is.

  3. He is my President but I sure as hell didn't vote for him!

  4. Croft,We are in Zihuatanejo,wife on the beach watching and listening to old rock y roll videos,they just played the final countdown

  5. Not my president and not proud to be American !

  6. I was one of millions who wasn't proud of their new president in 2009.

    Voting for a man because he was half black was very sad. Then he was given a Nobel prize for showing up.

    1. You voted for an insane Nazi,good luck in the future months....