Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Seven Hours!

That's how long I was in the dentist's chair in Algodones, Mexico today! I went in to see the new dentist for a second opinion and I sure got one! I will share more details soon as I am still drugged up and in a lot of pain but the new people attacked my problems from a whole different direction. They decided I did not need any implants as my bone is in good shape as were the roots of the teeth involved.

I "think" I got three root canals, two extractions and six or seven teeth prepared for caps ie: ground down to points.

Seven hours later I am back in the hotel room. Tomorrow the swelling goes down and Thursday the caps and bridges go on as well as two partial plates fitted.

Total cost? $4715 USA. That works out to around $6,250 canadian. WAY cheaper than the quote from Sani Dental down the street.

The only difficulty is, they want cash and will not take a US dollar cheque. We will have to go to Yuma tomorrow and somehow work with a bank or credit union to get cash.

As I say, more details to follow. Needless to say, I am very happy.

BTW: Facebook does not work from Algodones. I have no idea why not. Or maybe it is just from this hotel's WIFI.


  1. Feeling your pain in more ways than one. Hang in there.

  2. That is a long time spent with your maouth agape! Hopefully in a few days it will all be a memory! Great value for the money...