Friday, March 21, 2014

Crystal Beer Parlor

Yesterday afternoon we walked next door to the Visitors Center and asked for recommendations for a nearby restaurant. The young man told us about the Crystal Beer Parlor, a four block walk away. It is Savannah's second oldest restaurant opened in 1933. It is on a quiet residential street and at one time was an early "neighborhood pub". It takes up the ground floor of a long, narrow building with apartments above. The place was an illegal "speakeasy" during Prohibition. The walls are covered with photos from Savannah's past.

We started off with a local craft wheat beer (me) and a glass of white wine (Norma). The beer was excellent. I have become a fan of wheat beer ever since my son bought me one in San Diego many years ago. Norma ordered Chardonnay but was served something sweeter that she did not particularly like.

The food was excellent. I had fried oysters and they were delicious. Tender and served with a mild homemade tartar sauce. If I had to say anything bad about them, it would be that there were not enough of them on the plate. Norma had a half rack of lamb which she said was very good but could not finish. We were offered the desert menu but declined, we had apple crumble pie waiting at home. The bill was $38 plus tip. Not bad.


  1. It always seems the best recommendations come from the natives. When I lived in Minneapolis area years ago, my neighbor asked for restaurant suggestions in San Francisco for her upcoming first visit. It was easy for me to jot down the names and locations of about 15 tried and true eating establishments. When she returned from her 5-day trip she thanked me for the suggestions. I asked which ones she'd visited and her answer was, "All of them!!!!"

  2. We have found out years ago, to check with the locals for a good place to eat. Sounds pretty good.

  3. Some of the best beers can be found at the craft microbreweries, especially the porters and stouts.

  4. Well, I nevahh! When you said you were going to Savannah, the belle city of the south, I never imagined you'd end up in a 'beer parlour' for dinner.

  5. Our favorite place in glad you like it too!

  6. Craft beer!? Did I read craft beer! Yaaaa!!!! Looks like a neat spot - the kind we would like. Sigh.

    1. I thought of you guys as soon as we walked in Teresa! They do not make their own beer but buy it from several local craft breweries. There is another one directly across the street from us that does make their own beer. We might try it out tonight. Stay tuned!