Saturday, March 8, 2014


We have not been Mr & Mrs Excitement lately and this is showing in the Blog. The weather has been mixed here in Lakeland, FL. One day it is warm and sunny and the next day, warm and raining. This has delayed the one big job we have to do and that is to wash the motorhome. I may tackle that today. What we HAVE done is:

1) Defrost and clean both fridges
2) Do a HUGE laundry
3) Clean and arrange everything else inside
4) Wash the Honda
5) Help Paul prepare his pickup truck for sale. He bought it to tow his 5th wheel but has now decided to sell the house, park the 5'er in a Tampa park to live in and buy a small class B diesel rig to travel with. The pickup was no longer needed. It sold in less than a week.

Hmmm... Doesn't seem like much. Oh yes, The Canadian Briar Curling competition has been on and that takes up a few hours a day.

Paul has been busy at his latest job of demonstrating food at grocery stores. Yes, he is the guy in the little booth handing out samples and coupons for products ranging from shampoo to cereal to soft drinks. He took up this job to keep from being bored and to provide a little pocket money and now he is being moved up into the WAY more fun job of demonstrating beer and wine. He has fun doing it as it allows him to do what he loves, meet and talk to people. His personality is perfectly suited for this work. It is one more career to add to his long list which includes RV dealer, investment banker, private pilot, sea captain and adventurer and mystery writer. He is quite the character and our nightly get togethers are always filled with laughter (and the odd libation. His Bloody Mary's are to die for!). We will miss being here!

Speaking of which, we will start preparing to leave soon. We want to pick a route home that does not retrace our old routes but with the weather still cold in the east and midwest this might be a bit difficult. Google and the weather sites will provide a solution! Life is moving slower but is still Good!


  1. You've sure been planted for quite a while. Good luck finding a decent route home. It's just starting to warm up in various regions. Lots of people here in AZ are thinking about extending their time or heading to California before heading back to the midwest.
    Go Team BC!

  2. Hi Croft:
    Isn't it amazing how full our RV lifestyle can be - without all the reports sounding like much work. So what? It appears to me that you're having a wonderful time with the likes of Paul, a character you'd never have met if you weren't adventuring. I love reading about these adventures. Enjoy it all!

  3. Vegetating is good.
    Good luck with finding good wether on the way back west.

  4. Hanging out west (certainly this winter) would have afforded you some fantastic desert winter sun and heat. Too bad about the on/off weather where you are.

    Good luck with the new route (if possible) on your return out here and back for home.....!

  5. You just have to make the best of where you are. Hopefully the rest of the trip will be full of sunshine.