Saturday, March 29, 2014

On The Road Again And A Travel Warning To Canadians

We are up bright and early and will soon hit the road towards Abilene, Texas. "The prettiest town that I've ever seen".

The weather was terrible last night, typical for our travels. There was a huge thunder and lightening storm and the rain came in torrents. If any State is having drought problems, let us know and we will make a stop there for a very reasonable charge, results guaranteed. Well, maybe not so reasonable a charge, we may as well cash in on our Joe Btfsplk (Lil' Abner character) persona.

Canadians In The USA Take Note

My Blogging friend George (Our Awesome Travels) posted a link to this article concerning new cooperation between the USA and Canada regarding monitoring Canadians length of stay in the USA. We are limited to 180 days out of every "rolling" 12 month period (the 12 months starts whenever they say it starts) and the results of breaking these rules are pretty devastating and exposes you to severe penalties on both sides of the border. Do yourselves a favor and read the article.

I once got into an argument at the USA / Canada border when I was accused of being in the US longer than I said. We entered the US late Friday afternoon and left Sunday early afternoon. When they asked how long we were in the US I answered "two days" (less than 48 hours). They said that was three days and I had lied. The way they figure the "Day Count" is that any day you spend any part of in the US is a "day". This means if you enter the US at 11:00 PM, spend a couple of hours and leave at 1:00 AM, you have spent two days in the US and this counts towards your 180 day total.


  1. Keep coming west, nice dry and warm here in Arizona.

    1. We are headed your way, get your waterproofing supplies ready! George, you replied too quick, I added your previous warning to Canadian travelers and a link to your Blog.

  2. No rain out here in the U.S. southwest. The odd wind storm, most recently, but yesterday and today are absolutely pristine desert days with no wind, solid sun and nice temperatures.

    Good luck finding better weather as you head west.

  3. A warning to be headed. We have friends who lost their vacation home in Point Roberts, WA because they did not count those few hours as a full day. They were kicked out of the USA and sold their home at a loss.

  4. I guess I'll have to check our arrival departure dates to Palm Springs but I'm pretty sure we're alright.

  5. It is interesting how that interpretation thing is flexible. One time I had gone south of the line on a Friday and had to prove to the border guy that I was actually gone for the full 48 hours before I was allowed to bring back the alcohol I had with me.