Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quiet Day

We had a quiet day yesterday. We awoke to a fine rain and cooler weather and I was suffering from a minor stomach problem. Norma had about ten hours of curling on the DVR so we decided to stay home and take it easy. We watched curling and had soup for dinner. We had seen everything we wanted to see the day before so we are not missing anything.

Today we were supposed to leave but the curling finals are on so Norma walked over and paid for one more day. We are running the generator every few hours to keep the batteries up and we still have plenty of water and space in the holding tanks.

Tomorrow we will head towards Atlanta.

We had a bit of unfortunate excitement yesterday afternoon. About 4:00 a class C with Yukon plates pulled in and parked about twenty feet from us. It was a young couple with three kids, maybe 5, 3 and a toddler. They were here a while when a rough looking man appeared and went in, only to leave after a half hour or so. Soon we could hear yelling and a while later the door opened and the male came out with the female yelling at him and slamming the door behind him. He stood outside and soon the woman came out, yelling and swearing. Soon she was hitting him while he tried to walk away and then the two small children came out the open door, crying. The older child came out and tried to get the younger ones back inside while mom and dad continued fighting, her hitting but him not hitting back. They saw us watching, got back into the rig and soon drove away, I guess fearing we would call the police which is what we were talking about doing. It was a disconcerting experience. It was hard to figure out if the kids would be better off in State custody thousands of miles away from home or staying with two parents who did not deserve them. We really felt sorry for the oldest child who seemed to be trying to take over parenting responsibilities, probably not for the first time.

Who was the older, rough looking visitor? A relative who started an argument? A drug salesman? Who knows? But it was not a pretty scene and we were left thinking we should have done something.


  1. Quiet days are excellent.
    So sad about the incident with that couple and the children.

  2. Poor kids! What a heavy responsibility for a 5 year old. Sounds like the woman was at the end of her rope. At least the husband ( ? ) did not hit her back.

    I'm certain that you would have intervened had he started beating on her, either in person or by calling the police. From you description things moved too quickly for you to react before they drive off.

    1. Yes, it seemed to go on forever but was actually over in three or four minutes. They would fight, then calm down a little making us think it was over and then she would attack him again. When the small kids came out, the toddler actually falling down the bottom step but getting right back up, we discussed calling 911 but before we could act the older child picked up the baby and got him back in the door and the parents noticed us watching and headed back to the rig and pulled out.