Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Macon, GA to Birmingham, AL, The Long Way

After the guy finished with the waxing we dumped, filled the water and headed out. We found a route on Google Maps that bypassed Atlanta and entered it into the Garmin. It was a beautiful drive through the back roads of Georgia and into Alabama (the blue line on the map below). The weather was perfect, sunny and warm. We stopped at a roadside restaurant for lunch and then pushed on, not realizing we had gone through a time change until the arrival time on the Garmin stopped agreeing with our watches.

Google Maps calls it a four hour drive but as usual, we take a bit longer, in this case, we were on the road for almost six hours. A long drive for us.

We are in a WalMart on I-20, just a little short of Birmingham. Norma is over getting her nails "done" and I am about to let the barber in the attached strip mall try to rescue the terrible haircut I got almost two months ago. It is finally to the point where the sides and back need cut. LindaLee, where are you when I need you?

Birmingham is where Dr. Martin Luther King penned his famous "Letter From The Birmingham Jail" when he was arrested and jailed for organizing a non-violent demonstration for equality. The letter defends his policy of non-violent resistance to racism. The Letter itself is a must read!

Thanks to people like Dr. King, Life Is Good!


  1. It is worth the effort to plug in coordinates into Garmin to avoid large city freeways and byways.

    Good luck with the hair cut.

  2. Sounds like a nice drive. Did you get any pics?

  3. Sure is a lot of history in the South - some good and a lot bad. Interesting place to visit I'll bet.