Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Savannah To Macon

It was a short drive of 160 miles yesterday. We were going to go as far as Atlanta but after looking at RV parks, we decided on a Passport America park in Macon. We needed an RV park as we needed to dump, refill the water and give the batteries a good soak charge.

We found a pull through and then Norma saw a sign in front of one of the parked RV's advertising cleaning and detailing. Well, there was no putting her off, she went over and asked him about hand waxing the rig. He wanted $10 per foot to wash the roof, sides and hand wax the whole thing. She said that $310 was way too much so he agreed to do it for $200. Still too much in my opinion but she agreed. He was an energetic worker and put in a full four hours with his wife helping, getting the roof and three sides done. The hot sun was on the forth side so he put that off till morning. It is 9:00 AM now and no sign of him yet. I hope he gets here in time to finish before checkout time or we will be stuck here for another night. Maybe there is something to see in downtown Macon. We are a little behind schedule compared to the last time we were through this part of The South but we will not be spending as much time in the places we have already seen.

OK, he just finished and it is only 10:15. Off to Birmingham, AL. Talk to ya'all later.


  1. Way to negotiate Norma.
    Looks like you are taking a southerly route home.

    1. She told him that in Mexico it is $1 per foot if we supply the soap and wax. Yes, we are trying to stay as warm as possible for as long as possible! If Las Vegas is warm we will spend a few days there soaking up the rays!

  2. Did you check the caulking on the roof while it's clean? Just a suggestion...

  3. We just joined Passport America today. We will be in Las Vegas too but not until the end of April early May. Can't wait! Have fun on your way home.

  4. Keep warm as long as possible. Nice to get your rig all cleaned up.

  5. Let me know how PA works for you. I've been a little disappointed at the places who have it advertised but don't accept it. When you find a good park, in an interesting location, and especially if they accept it for more than one night, it's a real bargain. I can't wait to get my Floribunda 'detailed;' I've even thought of buying a small pressure washer so I can give her a shower from time to time. I'm not willing to climb all over her, though!