Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Walk In The Park

"Do you want to go anywhere?" Norma asked. It was about noon and she was taping the curling so we were free to leave. I said I would like to explore Forsyth Park which is a little more than a mile walk away. I grabbed the camera and off we went, finding a residential street to walk down. The street was lined with oak trees, beautiful old houses and a small park every three or four blocks. Savannah really is a beautiful, well designed city!

We soon arrived at Forsyth Park, a 30 acre park with walking paths, monuments and a fountain. There were many residents out for a Sunday stroll. I love the old oak trees dripping with Spanish Moss that fill this park and line the streets. After strolling for an hour or so, we found a DOT bus stop and got a free ride back to the RV. It was beautiful short pants and t-shirt weather.

After resting for an hour, we changed and walked back to the Crystal Beer Parlor where we ate on Thursday night. This time I ordered crab stew and a Greek salad, Norma the hamburger steak and we shared some Fried Green Tomatoes. Everything was delicious. This inaptly named restaurant prides itself in cooked to order meals using local ingredients and it really shows. We added a slice of Key Lime Pie and a piece of Peach Cobbler to go.

A perfect day! Life Is Good! Next stop, Atlanta, GA.


  1. Nice shots Croft! Thanks! Just a bit jealous both with the park and the food!

  2. I've always wanted to see Savannah. It is one of America's first planned cities, where the old town has parks and squares at regular intervals. I guess it's a bit like Philadelphia in that sense. Your photos are wonderful.


    Kim G
    Edna, TX
    Where we are between Houston and Laredo.