Monday, November 9, 2009

Ajo, AZ

We are back in Ajo. It is an old copper mining area that has pretty much been re-inhabited by Border Patrol people who have purchased many of the super cheap houses left behind when the mine closed. One thing this area does not have a shortage of is Border Patrol!

The RV park here is a much more reasonable $12 per night with Passport America and includes 20 channels of TV and WIFI. The town is suffering from the recession and most of the restaurants are closed so we will probably have fried eggs and potatoes tonight while we get the paperwork laid out for the border crossing.

I researched the very interesting history of Ajo last year when we were here and if you are interested, you can read about it on my post from a year ago.


  1. Hi Croft,
    Can't wait for your journey to really begin. I have my Mexico Map at the ready to see exactly where you are and will be following. Not sure if you've heard they legislated the Paramedics back to work and speaking to one this morning at the Post Office they're not going to work OT now and can legally. Poor people, just another Campbell / Olympic crap story. Have fun.
    Kelly from Whistler

  2. Ooh, we're getting close to crossing day!

    Glad to know all is well!