Friday, November 20, 2009

Highway 40 and Daniel's Pie

George and Robin picked us up this morning for a drive to the small village of Copala on Highway 40. The purpose of the trip was twofold. One, we had been told that the new cuota to Durango was completed. I was excited to hear this because it would be the perfect route to Durango and Aguascalientes, two cities we have not yet seen and which are high on my "to do" list. George did not think the road was open yet and offered to drive us all out to check on the construction.

George was right! The new road is open for the first few miles but then is barricaded off. We drove out the old road, nicknamed "The Devil's Backbone" as far as Copala. The new road parallels the old road and is obviously a long way from completion. It will be another year or two at least. One of the photos below is a section of the new road, wide and straight with wide shoulders. It will cut the time to Durango from about six hours of nerve racking driving down to about three hours of relaxing crusing.

Driving to Copala has another benefit. Here is located the world famous Daniels Restaurant with it's equally world famous Banana Creme Coconut Pie! It was so good I could not stop myself from buying a whole pie to take home. On the way home we stopped in Villa Union for a delicious seafood dinner. There is no doubt now, Life Is Good!

Norma and I at Daniel's Restaurant:

New section of the Durango Cuota:
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  1. We drove the motorhome from Mazatlan to Durango in February of 2008. They were only just beginning construction of the new road. I'm not surprised that it's not finished yet!

    It was actually a fantastic drive, and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. However I wouldn't do it from Durango to would be too hard on the brakes.

  2. What a great name, the Devil's Backbone! It would suit a certain hill in BC!

    You guys make such a cute couple. :) Looks like you've been getting plenty of sun!

  3. My comments about driving the Devil's Backbone:
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