Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Near Ixtlan del Rio

We had breakfast at Arnaldo’s and said goodbye to some folks we had met at the RV park and hit the road at about 10 AM. We followed the cuota to Tepec where we thought we might stop for the night if an inviting spot leapt out at us.  That did not happen and we were not going to leave the highway to try to find a place to park it Tepic as we did that two years ago. We did find a spot back then but also scratched the side of the RV on some branches on one of the narrow streets and then got lost trying to find Highway 15 again. This time we just bought gas and kept going.

About 25 KM east of town on the way to Guadalajara is the little village of Ixtlan del Rio with a toll booth on the highway. That is where we stopped for the night. There is a parking lot beside the toll booth beside a tiny convenience store and a few pleasant guys are selling tacos to the truck drivers who pass by. There is also a spotless little comida economica (cheap meals) restaurant here. We walked over to it and Norma had a bowl of their soup and we both had coffee and flan. It was very good and the bill came to a little over $60 pesos, a very good deal.

There is no TV and no Internet but I have a book to read and it will be a pleasant night as long as the trucks do not use their jake brakes all night. It is pretty level so it should be OK. I will post this when I can.

Here we are parked with the Big Boys:


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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time without the internet; gee, that sounds old-timey! I actually remember a time before the net! Hope you didn't eat that whole pie yourself!