Sunday, November 29, 2009

Guadalajara Centro

In spite of the attempted theft of my camera, we had a nice day in Guadalajara. We had detailed instructions for getting there from the RV park by bus and subway but decided to take cabs instead.  We drove over to the nearby WalMart where we parked for the day and found a cab. Some cabs down here have meters but most do not, this one did not. I asked how much to take us to the Centro and was told $130 pesos. This did not seem out of line so we jumped in. After more than half an hour of speeding in and around traffic we arrived. We walked around the plaza for a while, had lunch and walked some more.

We had planned to stay in the Centro to have dinner later but by 4:30 we were both tired and ready to head home. We stopped a cab, this one with a meter, and gave instructions to take us back to the WalMart where the car was. When we got back the meter read $130.5 pesos so the amount we were quoted on the way down was right on.






Big Ears Chair


The Three Amigos.


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  1. Guadalajara seems like such beautiful city!

    (What happened to your knees?!)