Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hawking WIFI Dish

I have been thinking about a Hawking WIFI booster for a long time now and after reading of Tioga George's success with one I decided to take the plunge. I mentioned to a neighbour here in the park that I was buying one and she told me she had one that she did not use and would sell it to me "cheap". I tested it out and it seems to bring in a stronger signal than the built-in laptop antenna. We are having "Happy Hour" with them soon so I will see what kind of a price I can negotiate. The newer ones with the 810.11n technology are $69.99 at Best Buy and Circuit City.

Well, that was some tough bargaining! I wanted to pay a fair price and Gena wanted to give it to me for free. I finally talked her into taking a tiny bit for it but far less than a fair price. Thanks Gena and Carl, it will be well used in Mexico!

Leaving Yuma!

We are leaving Yuma tomorrow morning. We will follow I-10 to Gila Bend and then south to Ajo for the night. In the morning we will head for the border at Lukeville.

We had fun here, meeting up with some old friends and meeting new ones. The weather was perfect and we had a chance to relax and stock up with some stuff that is unavailable or hard to find in Mexico.


  1. Croft, I have a Hawking Dish I've been using for the past 4 years while we travel in Mexico. It has come in very handy and is pretty good at finding WIFI, even as we travel down the highway, should we be looking for a place to send and receive email. It certainly extends the range of my laptop's WIFI.

  2. Yep, I love mine too. I'd never travel in the motorhome without it. It's very directional oriented, and it works best with a clear line of sight. But I've picked up some far away signals. Once, in Baja, we were dry camping at a pretty deserted beach, but there was a small village across the bay. Had to be at least a kilometre away and I was ablt o pick up a weak signal that allowed me to check my email.

  3. Yikes I want one! I wonder if that antenna with a Linksys signal extender would be the package?

  4. I think that would be a great package, Calypso! It is a directional dish so you just aim it at the Linksis and Bob's your uncle!