Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We arrived in Guadalajara yesterday afternoon after a stop at Tequila, the small village near here that lent it’s name to the traditional drink of Mexico.

We negotiated our way around the crowdwd perifico to the road where the only RV park is located. We checked in and went to see Ron, the ex-pat Canadian, ex-pat American who now makes his home right here in the RV Park. Ron has a satellite Internet system hooked to a wireless modem that he shares with other RV’ers for a nominal fee. It works very well. We met Earnie from Kelowna who is parked right behind us and asked if we could plug into his StarChoice dish. This saved us the work of setting our own dish up.

Robin and George followed us from Mazatlan and arrived here a couple of hours after us. We  were having a couple of drinks before they went to find their hotel when Robin suddenly became very ill. She had a serious bout with the toilet and collapsed on our bed. As luck would have it there is a retired nurse staying right behind us and she kept a close eye on Robin. She was in no shape to go searching for a hotel so her and George stayed in our bed and Norma and I pulled out the couch. Robin felt much better in the morning and has been improving all day. She bounces back a lot faster than I do but then she is much younger.

Tomorrow she plans on feeling well enough to visit the huge Tonola Market just east of Guadalajara with us.

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  1. Hmmmm... you guys are very-well versed in local community... good for you! Cheers! Larry and Joan Smallwood