Sunday, November 15, 2009

Los Mochis

It was a fairly long drive today (431 KM) with a couple of stops. We stopped at the VIP restaurant in Navajoa for brunch. VIP is probably the closest thing you will find to a American/Canadian type establishment here in Mexico. Maybe a little classier than Denny’s and have an English menu. Big deal, I can read a menu in several languages! They serve breakfast all day so we both had eggs, mine fried and Norma’s scrambled. Mine came with some very greasy hash browns. Not bad but it cost $180 pesos, quite expensive by Mexican standards.

We then walked across the street to a Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club where we renewed our Sam’s membership but did not buy anything. Not far down the road we crossed from the State of Sonora into the State of Sinaloa and drove to Los Mochis for the night. It was a little dark when we got here and I usually avoid driving in the dark. I made an exception tonight because the cuota road was in good shape and I kind of remembered it from the last two years.

We have always stayed at the only RV park in town but I never liked it. It has no amenities and usually does not even have anyone to check us in. We were paying about $200 pesos a night for a little electricity and the privilege of being kept awake all night by dogs and roosters who do not own a clock. Tonight we are trying out the truck stop behind the big Pemex on the highway. It has a huge (maybe five acre) parking lot that is about a quarter filled with trucks. Mexican truckers are much kinder than those in the USA and do not run reefers all night. It is actually very quiet here and we are the only RV. There is a small but spotless restaurant attached to the Pemex and we used the $200 pesos we saved on the RV park to buy dinner. Norma had the filet mignon and I had Pescado Veracruzana. Norma said the filet was perfect and it must have been because she ate 80% of it, a record for her. Mine was good but not as good as my own recipe. It was spicy, which it is not supposed to be. The bill was $240 pesos or about $20 bucks.

I tried to find WIFI with the Hawking but for the first time, it failed me. There are about 20 stations out there but all are encrypted. I will save this as a draft and post it tomorrow from Mazatlan.

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  1. You're having better luck with your booster than I am with mine (also a Hawkin). I'm moving up to Ethernet cable.

    Glad to know all is well!

    Fried eggs and greasy hashbrowns reminds me of greasy mac & cheese served with greasy fries in Scotland. My arteries are still clogged.

    Norma ate 80% of her steak?!