Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dentist and Prescription Day

Two years ago I developed a minor infection in my gum and found a local dentist here in Mazatlan to go and whine to. He examined me, took some x-rays and cleaned everything up for very little money, about $400 pesos as I recall which is about $35 Canadian. I dropped in to see him yesterday and have an appointment at noon today for a checkup and a cleaning.

Norma will stay home to supervise the washing and waxing of the rig which is happening at the same time. It is a busy day in Mazatlan!

Well, I am home from the dentist, enjoying freshly cleaned and polished teeth. Dr. Francisco Gavito spent over a half hour on me and charged me $500 pesos or $41 Canadian. He reported that my teeth are in excellent condition.

While I was downtown I refilled my Xalatan prescription for my glaucoma. In Canada it cost me $39 for 2.5ml and here, $385 pesos ($35 CAN) for 5ml. It is half the cost here. I love Mexico!!!

George and Robin were over for Happy Hour last night and as a consequence, I found myself out of rum. Mega Stores had a liter of "Hencho En Mexico" white rum with a free t-shirt on sale for $5 something Canadian so I could not pass that up. I am now ready for another Happy Hour.


  1. You guys are way far South for so early in the year. Didn't like that fall weather on Van. Isl. huh? Sounds like you are having fun even if you aren't slowing down. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great news on the dental front, I was concerned about the medical in mexico, but apparently they are not only professional but the prices are reasonable.
    Thanks for posting, I may ask you next year for this dentist's location!

    Enjoying reading about your trip, keep up the great blog!

  3. Hey Travelin' Dog! You are right. Medical professionals here are very good. Many have been educated in the USA and all are very competent and professional! You will get excellent care for a fraction of the cost.