Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yuma, AZ

It was a short drive to Yuma where we pulled into the Cocopah RV Park. This is a beautiful park on First Nations land with it's own championship golf course. We booked for a week (at $35 per night!) as we have a few things to do before we go to Mexico.

Today I got a new thermostat installed in the Honda as it boiled over as soon as I started driving it in the eighty degree heat down here. It was doing that in Mexico last year so I got the radiator flushed in the summer but that did not help. The new thermostat should do the trick and I drove it back from Pep Boys with the gauge staying on the cool side even with the A/C turned up.

I also stocked up on books for Mexico. It is almost impossible to find English books down there and when you do, they cost a fortune. Rae got me started on the Stephanie Plumb mystery series so I bought a bunch more of her series. They are easy to read, humorous mysteries much along the line of the Archie McNally series, which I read all of. The friendly lady who owned the used book store recommended a few more titles she thought I might like so I came away with two bags of books and $60 lighter in the wallet.

Our friends Muff and Val from Vernon are not here yet but Dave and Sharon, a couple from Washington State we met here a few years ago are back this year and we joined them and a couple of other neighbours for "Happy Hour" tonight.

The "To Do" list is getting shorter. Life is good!


  1. Oh, my! Two of my best RVing buddies are in Yuma having fun without me! *pouts* Keep an eye out for Donna and Ken's roving acres (http://lifeonourark.blogspot.com/) I'm pretty sure you guys would hit it off!

    Glad you're enjoying Stephanie Plum! What I like most about the series is that Evanovich makes the same jokes over and over and they get funnier each time. That's a rare talent. Her writing's really not that good otherwise, but I know that I'll get a good laugh out of them.

  2. Yes, indeed. Keep an eye out for us, (lifeonourark)
    We are at Western Sands in Fortuna Foothills area.
    It would be neat to cross paths.
    If we miss you, we'll see you in blogsville. :-)

  3. Hey Croft: Do you remember Dave and Luce Smith who used to own the Tahsis motel? They're in Yuma for the next 5 months or so. Sounds like they're enjoying the warmth down there.