Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Time To Wind The Blog Down For Now

The title of this Blog is "Croft's Travels" and we are no longer traveling. We will be home for a while getting ready for the next adventure. I have gotten permission from ICBC to repair the minor damage to the Motorhome and that will be completed soon. The rig is too large to fit in most paint booths so I am having it done at a boar repair facility here in Campbell River where they assure me matching the paint will be no problem. As they regularly work on million dollar boats, I believe them.

We will be taking the granddaughters to the Okanagan in August and, along with an old friend of ours who has a charter business there, will teach them to sail. We are looking forward to that as well as next winter which we will also spend in Mexico.

I will reactivate the Blog for the sailing lessons and then again for our return trip to Mexico!

It has been fun and has given me a chance to tune up my writing abilities. I spend a lot of time checking the old entries and re-living the trip. I enjoy all the comments and read them over and over. I will check the Blog periodically for more of them. Have a good summer and we will meet again soon! Thank you all for staying with me and I hope I have inspired some of you to explore Mexico. It is a wonderful Country!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Repair Woes...........

It never seems to end. I got the insurance claim number from the neighbour who dented the motorhome and called ICBC to see what my next step would be. I was told that she is now denying that she ran into me! The dents on the motorhome match up exactly to the bumper of her Ford Ranger, four of us saw her do it and now there will be an "investigation". I have an appointment on Tuesday to tell my side of the story so I will have to take photos and measurements to prove my case. This could easily go on for a month - all for what I would think is less than $200 in damage! At least the damaged panel is aluminum and will not rust while we are playing our silly games. I could just forget about it and wait until we go to Mexico and have it repaired there for almost nothing but it has now become a battle of wits, and in this "Battle Of Wits" they are taking on a "Half Armed" man!