Tuesday, March 22, 2022

A Very Late Update

 Well, Norma has been gone three years now (on March 24). Sometimes it feels like longer and sometimes like it was just yesterday. Anyway, I have to get the motorhome back on the road this year, it is too big of an investment to just leave parked and that is pretty much what it has done for the past five years except for my one trip to the Okanagan in late 2019.

Having said that, I will have to invest quite a bit to get it on the road again. The tires are eight years old and have to be replaced before I go anywhere. Not worn out, just aged out. The batteries appear to be good but I have four six volt batteries, two purchased in 2016 and two in 2017 so they are five years old and getting close to the end of their life. They have been on trickle charge for the past four years but I will have to watch them very closely. The engine probably needs a new battery, I will have to check the date but I know it is a few years old. It has been on trickle charge as well.

The engine/transmission needs a major service and the generator desperately needs an oil change, filters and plugs. I have been running it for an hour a month pretty regularly since it was parked. Brooks has a neighbour backyard mechanic who is willing to take all this on. He is highly trained, fully capable and willing to take it all on. He charges about half the normal shop rate. I will wait a couple of weeks and head down there with a possible stop at Cedar Tires in Nanaimo for tires. I will give my local OK Tires a chance first but I was impressed with Cedar Tires for my Mazda tires. It all comes down to price. Hopefully the old ones will get it that far. This is going to be expensive.

I still do not really know what my adventures are going to be. I really do not relish traveling alone. We have seen many people doing it, male and female in Canada, the US and in Mexico but I just think the adventure would be lacking without someone to share it with. Norma was an excellent traveling companion, braver than me to head out into the unknown and to take on challenges and to top it off, she could produce amazing meals in that tiny kitchen! I guess I have to give it a try and this is the year, I am not getting any younger. I will probably stay on the Island this year to get my feet wet, so to speak. Stay tuned!

One day at an isolated Mexican gas station we asked permission to spend the night in their parking lot. We were getting settled when Norma saw this armed guard making rounds. She charmed him with her personality, a couple of cups of coffee. four or five Cokes in a cooler beside the door and $50 pesos to take "special" care of us that night. It was a quiet night LOL.