Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Big Seven Five!

Well, I have been around for 75 years today! Sometimes it feels like it and sometimes it does not! Right now it doesn't. My friends Brian and Kelly came over at noon with a bunch of fish & chips and a small cake! It was really nice talking to something that was not a wall and we had a great time. It is 9:30 and I think I just may treat myself to a small bit of single malt. I deserve it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Today's Job Jar

1) Fix Fence
The deer have been getting in through the back corner of the fence for the past couple of weeks. It has not been a priority because there were no flowers to eat. A couple of days ago Kelly came for a visit and told me the deer were eating the bulbs.
The bank at the back is a 60 degree slope of wet grass and mud. Very hard to climb, specially with my bad knees and balance but... it had to be done. I could not see the damage from the yard so I had no idea of what I needed to repair it. I climbed up to discover the deer had been jumping up on the fence and weighing it down with their bellies over time. They had it down to 3 - 4 feet. I climbed down and got an eight foot steel post, a sledge hammer, some wire fencing twists and climbed back up.
It is impossible to hammer in an 8 foot post from the ground but you can usually plunge a foot or so into the soft soil by hand. except on this one piece of hard ground. My "plunge" only got it in an inch or two and I could not hammer a foot and a half above my head. The ground was slightly higher on the other side of the fence so I pushed it down even more and climbed over. I may have got it into the ground maybe a foot before my head started spinning. It was the best I could do! I got back on the right side, raised the wire fence as best I could and tied it off. It is a long way from perfect but it might hold until I can talk Brooks and LindaLee Matthews Randle into coming up for a working visit. In the meantime I am wiped out. I am too old for this shit!

Friday, April 10, 2020

The "S" Word

OMG! 68.5 outside! Dare we think the "S" word?

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Shopping Night

I had my list but I was putting off going to the grocery store, No reason, I just had enough of everything for a few more days.

Then Brooks called to tell me that the Government cheques arrived today and every laid off worker had three or four thousand dollars in their pocket and would be grocery shopping! I checked Google Maps and saw that my local big grocery store (Save-On Foods) was only about 25% busy. It was not going to get any better than that so I headed down with only 50 minutes until the store closed.

Well, there were only about ten other customers in the store and they had everything I needed out on the shelves! They even had toilet paper and it was on sale! Many of the items I bought were on sale. There were signs saying the number of some items "may" be limited but the only thing that actually was limited were eggs (one dozen).  I was quickly through the till with everyone giving everyone else a lot of room. It was one of my largest grocery shops in the last year at $195 but I am stocked up on everything I will need for a while including cleaning supplies.

Cartoon Caucasian Man Grocery Shopping for Superbowl Sunday World ...