Thursday, December 22, 2022

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone will be with friends and/or family and is safe and warm as weather-wise is is not a very welcoming time out there. My plans were to drive down to my son's in Shawnigan Lake for Christmas. From there the three of us were going to drive down to Victoria on Boxing Day to join my granddaughter Sierrah and Luke for a nice dinner out at a Harbour Side pub but road conditions may prevent that. So, it all all depends on the weather. It is scheduled to snow between here and Shawnigan all day today and tomorrow with temperature rising and heavy rain starting early Saturday morning (the 24th). Rain and ice don't mix well on the roads so like I say, I will wait and see. I really want to see everyone but I don't want to risk my life over it, we can delay our get together, it's not like we have little kids around the tree.

If I end up being stuck at home I will plug in the lights around the fireplace, light a fire and bake a small stuffed Sockeye Salmon for myself! Either way, it will be a nice Christmas!

My Love and Best Wishes to everyone and be careful out there!