Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Maytag Update

I have now done ten or twelve loads with my new Maytag washer and dryer that was delivered in December. So far I am happy with it, it performs as advertised. I bought the larger washer ($50 more) because the smaller one was not in stock and I had a load of wet wash to do after the 31 year old Kenmore destroyed itself half way through a load. 

The capacity of the washer is HUGE, I have never come close to more than half filling it, even with bedding. It is one of the new "high efficiency" models that uses a very small quantity of special soap and more concerning, uses hardly any water. I do not understand how it can clean but it does. I started out adding a gallon of water but soon stopped after I noticed it just drains out, taking some of the soap with it.

The dryer works great and the annoying end signal can be turned off which I did after the first load. We will have to see how long this new set lasts. Probably not 31 years like the Kenmore set I had but I will be 106 by then.