Monday, April 17, 2023

A Great El Paso Steakhouse

 Memories from The Road.

There are many steakhouses in Texas but this one is special for one good reason. The Cattleman's Steakhouse is located a few miles outside of El Paso, TX on the grounds of an old ranch that was once used as a movie shooting location. The food is great and the servings Texas sized! It is not cheap but more on that below.

If you show up in your RV you are welcome to boondock in their parking lot for the night for free! So if you want a bottle of wine with your meal, no problem, they have you covered! When we were there there was even an electrical outlet right beside us which security gave us permission to use. Only 15 amp so forget about air conditioning but enough to run a fan or to make a pot of coffee which is what we did. So what you save on an RV park for the night will pay for one of your meals, a win - win situation with fine dining at half price.

When we first started stopping at The Cattleman's they served a delicious shark steak which I ordered every time we were there. Norma always had the rib eye steak and always took 2/3 of it back to the rig for her next two days meals. The last time we were there I was shocked to see they had taken the shark steak off the menu! I asked why and they said they simply did not sell enough of it to make it worthwhile to keep a stock. Too bad! I would have ordered more if I had known. It was addictive but luckily there were more selections for me the non meat eater.

Sunset at Indian Cliffs Ranch