Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Eye Surgery!

They did my left eye cataract surgery at around noon yesterday. My eye was a little sore, felt gritty and my vision was very cloudy and very sensitive to the sun, even shade. I was a little concerned because I had read that I should see improvements within 24 hours.

It is much better today! I used artificial tears last night and the grittiness went away and my eyesight has improved over last night. It is slowly but surly getting better so as long as that keeps up, I am happy. They gave me the "puff of wind" test this morning and I passed. The tech said everything was normal and that sensitivity to sunlight was normal and I shouldn't worry about it, everyone is different so quit setting time limits. My left eye vision is still very cloudy but seems to be slowly clearing up. I have an appointment with my surgeon in six days and will attempt to curb my anxiety until then! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Eye Surgery Coming Up!

Close to "crunch time". My eye surgery is Tuesday morning. I am already on my regimen of pre-op eyedrops. My friend Kelly will be here tomorrow afternoon to drive me to Comox and back and to make sure everything goes smoothly. I can't say how much I appreciate her coming up!

They are doing the left eye and then 6 - 8 weeks later, the right.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

George & Suzi's Motorhome Is For Sale!

Suzi is selling their motorhome! It is time for her to continue moving on with her life which gives someone the chance to pick up hers and George's motorhome. Anyone who has followed their travels knows they kept up with maintenance and repairs of this unit and most if not all of this work is detailed in their Blog.

Here is the link to the details  If you or someone you know is in the market for a well cared for motorhome, this is a very good deal. Here are the details copied from Suzi's Blog. There are also many photos on the link.

Located in New Hamburg, Ontario.

1999 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 36 feet, for sale. $25,000 negotiable. Certified. Ford 6.8L V10, mileage 150,000 miles or 241,400 km, 1 slide, 6 seat belts, 2 solar panels of 230 watts, 2 A/C’s, microwave, 3 burner stove, oven, fridge replaced in 2013, dual pane windows resealed October 2017, Onan 5.5 KW generator, queen walk around bed, TV in bedroom, split bath, bench dinette, sofa bed, Allure ISO core luxury vinyl plank flooring in 2017, soft touch padded vinyl ceiling, 2 roof vents, 1 Fantastic fan, screen door, self contained, skylight,4 window awnings, awning replaced 2016, 2 pass thru storage compartments, back up camera, Koni shocks, leveling jacks, front tires 2015, rear tires 2016, aluminum roof, aluminum side walls. Includes Brake Buddy and tow system. Contact me at

Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

Not necessarily in that order.

The Ugly:

My friend Kelly was staying in the guest room last night and was walking around the yard this morning. She came to tell me there was a deer beside the house with a very badly broken hind leg! The leg was just hanging down and swinging in every direction. I strongly suspect it was broken when she tried to get through the fence, probably trying to get out. Not having a clue what to do, I called the RCMP. The officer said if I just wanted the deer put down he would send someone over to shoot it. As much as I hate seeing an animal die, it was the only choice. While I was talking to him the deer wandered over to the section of fence where I suspected they were getting through and went through into the bush behind. When I told the officer he said they were not going to look through dense bush for a deer and to just, "let nature take it's course".

The Bad:

I figured enough was enough! No good little faerie was going to come around and fix the damn fence for me. The spot was on the steepest, wettest, muddiest, slipperiest section of the yard. My feet and balance are not the best and I did not feel confident going up there. I am not 75 anymore! Well, yes I am 75 but you know what I mean. Kelly climbed up first and told me pretty much what I needed to do the repair. I cut an 8 foot steel "T"  post to 6 feet, grabbed a small sledge hammer and some zap straps and headed up. I made the repair without falling on my head and got back down. Two or three months of worry solved in a half an hour.

The Good:

I have been trying to find a young, agile person not afraid of a little work to do odd jobs (like this) around the house. I can handle most jobs myself but sometimes need a little help. I had discovered that my next door neighbour has a 19 year old son who is unemployed because of the Virus. I talked to him a day or two ago and he said he was usually available, "but not right now". I took this to mean I could not depend on him. After I finished the fence repair guess who wandered into the yard? Yes! He was now available! Not to look a gift horse in the mouth I set him onto the job of making the rolling front gate deer proof. I had stretched piano type wire across the gate but the deer had discovered they could get through it if they got their head through and just kept pushing, separating the strands. I had a leftover roll of the game fence Brooks had put around the yard and got my new friend to get it out from under a pile of wood scraps and weeds behind the workshop. We measured out a 4 by 24 foot piece to fit the gate and he set about cutting it out with my wire cutters. He then removed the six strands of piano type wire and we got the fencing into position. He took over, stretched it into position and zapped it in place. He did a good job and earned what I paid him for his two and a half hours. He left happy and promised to be available when I needed him next. A good day all in all!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020


I remember my mother telling me of men knocking on our door in Edmonton in the early 40's asking if they could work for a meal. My mother had been in that position herself after her first husband died of TB in his 20's leaving her with two very young young children and she never turned them away. Sweep the sidewalk, take the garbage to the lane way, weed the garden for a few minutes, there was always something for them to do and she always found them a cup of coffee and something to eat. She always said it was important for them to work so it was not a handout, they worked for it.