Friday, January 26, 2018

Wall Done!

We had the first nice day that was actually forecast in a long time. My handyman helper, Ross, showed up right on schedule at 9 AM and we started tearing off the old wall. We discovered three of the studs and eight feet of sill plate were rotting. Luckily I had some spare material so we replaced all the water damaged wood.

We then stapled some left over roofing paper on the outside of the studs and nailed on the new 3/8 plywood sheeting and added the trim boards, ripped from boards left over from Brooks trip up to do the deck and roof.

It looks really nice but I have to wait for a few dry days to let the caulk dry before I paint it. The whole job took just over four hours including replacing the rotten 2X4's. Total cost was around $260 plus the left over material that I paid for with the porch.

I was really happy with Handyman Ross, he is a hard worker and has a lot of talent and experience. I can highly recommend him and I have his number if anyone is looking for someone. I was able to help quite a bit and my back did not start hurting until after we were done. But it is making up for it now. Along with my ankle. 😏

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Still Kicking

We are surviving the winter! We are not doing much, Norma is glued to her curling and figure skating on TV and I am reading on my KOBO. Aside from that and keeping the drains on the back slope clear, not much is happening.

It is raining as usual and when I checked my workshop I noticed the floor was wet! I quickly determined the back wall was leaking at a few places where the old plywood sheeting joins together. I built that 12 X 12 foot workshop when we bought the house back in 1989 and the wall that faces the prevailing wind and rain is giving up.

I checked Craigslist and found a handyman who claims to be capable of such repairs and sent him a message and a photo. He charges $25 per hour and estimates the job will take three to six hours. I called Brooks and he confirmed that was a bargain. He would do it but it would cost him $100 in gas just to get here.

I messaged the guy back and booked him for next Thursday. I will meet him outside Home Depot with four sheets of 3/8 inch plywood and some 1 X 4 trim boards on a dolly. In the meantime I will move everything away from that back wall. Total cost should be no more than $300, all in. About as much as it cost me to build the entire shop back in 1989.

The wall: