Thursday, October 21, 2021

Still Alive and Kicking!

And still hanging around home avoiding the virus! There are rumours of a third shot becoming available for us old farts before the end of the year so I will be in the front of the line for it as soon as they release it. In the meantime I hear the seniors flu shots are available.

I winterized the motorhome so I guess that means no heading south for me this winter. The Canada - US border is just opening up for land travel but there are far too many anti-vax, science denying idiots down there for me to feel safe enough through the US and I don't think Mexico is completely ready for a snowbird invasion. Driving down there and hunkering down in one place might be OK but that is not my way to do it, I want to keep moving and mixing with the locals.

So, I will stay here for the fifth winter in a row. People keep asking if I am going to sell the motorhome but I know if I did I would immediately regret it. It is paid for and costs me very little. It is parked beside my house so no storage fees, just minimal insurance and depreciation. I have an electric heater in it to keep it above freezing but it so rarely freezes here across from the beach that that cost should not go above a few dollars a month. 

I will have to decide if solo travel is something I would enjoy. The jury is still out on that question. To me. most of the enjoyment of RV travel came from having someone to talk to about our daily adventures, to enjoy funky seaside restaurants with and to just talk to. A few times every week when we were traveling I would ask Norma, "Should we go on an adventure today?" and unless there was some good reason like curling on TV she always said yes. We would choose some nearby town and go and explore it, finding a nice place to eat along the way. I just can't see doing that by myself and fear I would just do more of what I do at home - stay in the house, read, play on the Internet and watch TV! I can do that here and save a few thousand on ferries, gas, maintenance/repairs and RV park fees.

I am thinking about all this. It's a process.