Thursday, May 19, 2022

I Have A Story

I have a story...
About 25 years ago I had a job. Yes, really. I wasn't always a carefree Mexico traveler / apprentice chef. I was once a Radio / Microwave / Fibre Optics Repairman / Installer / Tire Changer for the telephone company.
One day I found myself at a US billionaire's fishing lodge on an island off Campbell River installing a fancy radio system that gave him regular dial service where none is normally available, I was installing the base in the utility room off the kitchen where my helicopter pilot was being entertained with coffee and cake by the chef. 
The owner's wife came into the kitchen to inform the chef that they would like fresh lobster for dinner that night. The chef told her there was no problem but it couldn't be tonight as he had no lobster on hand and it would take him two or three days to have some delivered. Well. that wouldn't do, she wanted it tonight and wasn't there "ANY way" he could get some. The chef looked at my pilot and said, "How much fuel do you have on board? Enough to fly to Vancouver and back?" The pilot said he had enough to get started and could stop for more on the way so the chef said he would call the Lobster place in Vancouver and have him get a box ready for pickup at the airport, which he did and off the pilot went in his $1000 per hour (plus fuel) AStar helicopter for a two hour round trip grocery run and the lady got her lobster dinner. 
I guess the moral of the story is, if you are a billionaire and you want lobster for dinner, you can have it.