Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Checking In

Just a quick note to check in. All is well with me, I am feeling great and having no problems except I am really done with this COVID-19 induced isolation! I have been making the odd trip to the grocery store but that is about all, I have not even been down to visit my son.

The weather has been cool with a little bit of snow but nothing to complain about. The highway construction has come to  halt. They are almost done and will start up again later in the year when they will re-surface my driveway and landscape my lawn after burying the services.

I am eating well and watching too much TV. I signed up for Netflix and am working my way through their documentaries, The purchase of the big screen TV in late 2019 was good timing.

Well, everyone stay well and follow the rules, this too will come to an end.