Sunday, November 7, 2021

Got My Booster Shot!

I got my third Pfizer shot yesterday. No real problems but the minor headache I had after the first two was not there but was replaced with a slightly sore arm that I never had before. It only showed up when I laid on it in bed so not even worth mentioning.

The anti-vaxx fools are still at it. One of the most vocal here in BC was found dead in his apartment in New Westminster and I see anti-vaxxer Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rogers who was convinced he knew more than doctors and scientists is now sidelined with Covid.

I still feel that anyone has the right to decide for themselves if they want the vaccine or not but I also believe these people should not be allowed in any public or private building, including hospitals. This would apply to the public as well as employees. With choice comes consequences. You may choose to not get a drivers license but you can't then go and demand your "right" to drive without one. Consequences.