Saturday, February 27, 2016

San Miguel de Allende Trip Coming Together!

Chris and Juan have signed the rental agreement for the house in SMA and have paid the rent and security deposit. We are renting from March 20 to 27. We will leave Mesa in the car and take three days (maybe 4) to get to Laredo, Texas and then find our way down to Monterrey, Mexico where we will spend a day or two at Chris and Juan's House. Early on the morning of the 20th we will head south in Chris' car for the six or so hour trip to SMA.

One of the features of this house is a "Chef On Call" who, for an extra fee, will come in and cook a meal for you. Chris is looking into this for one dinner. This is going to be a fun week in one of the most beautiful cities in the world with two good friends!

Here is a link to the rental with lots of pictures!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Took My Phone For a Swim!

As we headed out for a swim today Norma said, "Take your phone"!. I unconsciously grabbed it and put it in my swim suit pocket where I completely forgot it. At home later I noticed the phone missing and eventually found it in my wet swim suit!.

I opened it up, removed the battery and SIM card and put it in a zip lock bag of rice. I will turn it over every hour or so for the next 24 hours and see if it comes back to life. Luckily I have a spare unlocked phone it works in. Unfortunately it is a non-folding type that is easy to butt dial so if you get a call from me and find yourself talking to my butt, don't be offended.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Road Trip!

A big one! We were 'talking' to Chris and Juan about finding a fun location to meet them for a week or so and they suggested SMA (San Miguel de Allende). They had bookmarked a two bedroom house right in town that was available in late March for $800 US per week, not bad when split between us. We started looking for airlines and since there is no large airport in SMA, it would have been awkward (and expensive) to get there.

We were mulling this around when Norma had the idea that we could drive the Honda to Monterrey, Mexico where Chris and Juan live and then drive the rest of the way with them. I sent this idea on to Chris and Juan and they are all for it! It will take us three days to drive the 1000 miles from Mesa to Laredo, TX and from there we can buy Mexican insurance for the car and continue to Monterrey or park the car in Laredo and take a luxury bus to Monterrey. Chris even offered to drive to Laredo to pick us up. No matter how we get there, it will be a blast!

Monday, February 1, 2016