Thursday, June 30, 2011

Second Hand Woes!

The Shaw Direct (Starchoice) latest and greatest HDPVR 630 is $450 after taxes. I found one on the local Craigs List for $260 (no taxes). It had only been used for four months. It was too good a deal to pass up so I bought it. I ran the extra cable to the rooftop dish that the recording function needs and wired it to the bedroom TV. So far so good. I then called Shaw to have the receiver authorized. All went well and I was watching TV. After a half hour the receiver quit responding to the remote (yes, it has new batteries). I did a hard reset and it started working again.... For a half hour. I repeated  the fix... and again... until the receiver locked up completely and refused to reset. I called Shaw and got a woman who treated me as if I were stupid. "Did you install the cable yourself or have an installer do it"?  What does that matter? "Did you check the breaker"? I told you, the display is partly on, it has power. She told me to unplug the receiver for two minutes and as I put the phone down to do that, she hung up. I guess the problem was over her head.

I called back and got someone who sounded brighter. He talked me through a complete reset and everything worked until Norma tried to change the channel a couple of hours later and the screen froze. I did another reset like he had talked me through and it worked again. She switched to watch a DVD movie so I don't know if it is still working or not. I hope the serial resets fixed it but if not, it should be covered by warranty or my mandatory "multi receiver insurance policy" that I am paying $6 a month for. It will still turn out to be a good deal (I hope)!

EDIT: Well, still no luck! Norma watched the same channel late last night for a couple of hours but could not change the channel at the end.The guide worked and the cursor on the guide worked but it would not allow a channel change and the clock was frozen on the front display. I unplugged it for the night and did another hard reset this morning. A commenter suggested it might need a software (firmware) update and indeed it does, The CS rep told me to leave the unit turned off but plugged in overnight and it would update but I cannot get it unfrozen long enough to do that. More phone calls today!

Test Post

Things seem to be back to normal with the Windows 7, Firefox 5, Blogger combination. I hate it when this stuff happens! The fear or rather the expectation of problems makes me want to carry two computers all the time.

I will take the advice that Bob gave me in a comment on the previous post and download and install the very latest FF version. I actually did not intend to update to FF 5 until all the bugs were worked out but for some reason FF moved version 5 from the recommended update list into their automatic update list. Like it or not, I updated before I wanted to.

I am posting from that Windows 7 machine..... Here goes!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Firefox Acting Up

Firefox is refusing to play nicely with Blogger again! I cannot post, edit or even comment on other’s Blogs. This just started tonight. My friend Donna posted a fix for this problem back in May but it seems the add-on she suggested now says it is not compatible with my version of FF 5.0. I am posting this from Windows Live Writer. Lets see if it works!

For my reference as much as anything, here is Donna’s post on this issue:

EDIT: It is only my Windows 7 machine having problems. I can post and edit from my XP desktop! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Pitch

I have an interest in a tiny Mexican village in the State of Veracruz called Xico, although I have never been there. It is the home of my Blogging friend, John Calypso, and I seriously intend to make a detour there one day to meet him. He is a very interesting character.

John and Anita own a couple of houses in Xico and rent one of them to Leah, an American ex-pat and her Mexican husband, Saul. (NOTE: John has corrected this statement in the Comments. Sorry.) Leah and Saul recently met a neighborhood family and heard the story of the six young children in their house. The kids are distant relatives of the Mexican couple and were abandoned by their parents and left to fend for themselves. When they picked them up the kids were living in a cardboard shelter in an empty dirt lot. Their ages range from 4 - 14, three boys and three girls. The girls (11, 8 & 6) have all been sexually abused.

This couple are desperately poor themselves but are going to legally adopt these kids. Leah has taken it upon herself to help this family out. Read the story *here* and I am sure that, like me, you will be unable to resist pushing the "Donate" button on Leah's Blog. This is Mexico so your donation does not have to be large. A little goes a very long way. A Starbucks coffee for two costs six or seven dollars and the reward you will get from letting Leah work with even that amount will make it easy to make your own cup of coffee today. This family will make it but the kids have some immediate needs that must be addressed.

Here is Leah's Blog entry after she and Saul made some blankets for them and bought a few basic hygiene supplies. The "Donate" button is on the right hand side. Thanks! I do not and will not do this sort of thing very often but there is a genuine need here and we can all help, regardless of the amount. Thanks again!

Slow Recovery

Our recovery from whatever it was is slow! It has been five days for me and four for Norma and we are both acting like slugs around here. I had to drive down to Courtenay yesterday to pick up a Shaw Direct HDPVR 630 receiver that I bought off Craigs list. It was too good a deal to pass up, $260 for the latest version $400 receiver that had only been used for four months. I was gone only two hours but was exhausted when I got home. I am getting steadily better so I am happy with that. If it reverses, I will make a trip to my doctor.

I wanted to start installing the new receiver in the bedroom today but.... maybe later. I have to run an additional cable to the dish on the roof as the recording feature requires the second cable. It is not that big a deal but involves climbing into the attic and then onto the roof. I think I have a long enough cable in the motorhome.

Norma's deer found a new way to her flowers! They are staying away from the electric fence which seems to be doing it's job except in one place where they seem to be able to duck under it due to a depression in the ground. I will have to climb up there and move the wires down the post a little. We also watched one duck under the non-electrified gate across the driveway this morning. I never thought there was room there but there was. I slid the wire fencing material further down the posts and stapled it in place. We will have to watch it. They are determined to get at her flowers! It is an ongoing battle and they are by no means ready to surrender.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Wow! That Was No Fun!

Three days flat on my butt! I have not been sick for several years but this made up for it! At one point I thought I might have pneumonia when I had the feeling I was "drowning" and had to consciously make myself breath. I feared if I went to sleep I might stop breathing altogether. If I laid down, I would go into coughing fits so I spent most of my time in my Lazy-Boy watching TV and dozing. Today I am much better with the headaches almost gone and my breathing almost back to normal.

Norma caught the same thing about a day after me and is about a day behind me in recovering from it. She is convinced that it was the lack of sunshine this past winter that was responsible. We did not get our annual dose of Vitamin C! Whatever it was, it was pretty scary!

I actually made it out of the house last night to take the garbage down the 100 foot driveway to the street. It had to get out as we are now only allowed a half a can per week and all I needed was the Campbell River Garbage Nazis after me! They actually told us we had to either buy a smaller can or else draw a line a foot down the side of the old can and to keep the garbage below that line. It completely exhausted me to take the garbage and the recycling bin down there. I really can't remember the last time I felt like that.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Down For The Count!

My jet lag has turned into a bad cold! Our company left yesterday morning and as their Harley Davidson rumbled down the driveway, I could feel a storm starting in my sinuses!

I now have a headache, sore throat and stuffed sinuses! The Holly Trinity of sickness! I will survive but our trip to visit Brooks and LindaLee is on hold. I am staying in bed.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lester Pearson Airport, Toronto

Well, my visit is over! We went out to St. Jacobs for a nice lunch with my niece who is about the same age as me, dropped my sister off at her house, visited with a great nephew who stopped off and then my niece drove me to the airport. It was a 1 1/2 hour drive in some fairly heavy traffic but we still got here about two hours before my flight. I am all checked in and waiting at the gate. I leave here at 8:15 Toronto time and arrive in Vancouver at 10:30 Vancouver time (1:30 Toronto time). I then get my bags and catch the shuttle to my hotel where I will sleep until check out time tomorrow.

My niece Robin from Alberta and George are in Campbell River for a few days so there goes my chance to recover from the inevitable jet lag :) :) I always have fun with Robin and George so it will be an easy transition!

OK, they have just announced a Gate change so I have to take a walk! That is the problem with traveling on the cheap!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

To all the dads out there! Have a wonderful day.

Here is my dad in the late 50's

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quality Time

I have been spending some real quality time with my sister here in Kitchener, Ontario. Nothing to Blog about, just hours of talking and reminiscing over the past. Gloria is 18 years older than me and she married and moved to Ontario shortly after I was born. Travel was very expensive in those days so aside from the very odd Christmas visit, I never really new her until later on in my life.

We met her son and his wife at the cottage on Thursday, two of her daughters visited today and the other will be here tomorrow. The oldest daughter lives nearby and was here when I arrived and will be returning Tuesday after a weekend retreat with her friends. I will see everyone! They all have busy lives and some live far away and I really appreciate them making the trip here to visit!

We are a great family!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver Riots

The riots in Vancouver after the hockey game were disgusting and an embarrassment to every hockey fan and BC resident. These riots had nothing to do with hockey fans and I am sure 90% of those involved did not even watch the game. They are simply hooligans looking for a chance to loot and destroy.

It has happened before but the big difference this time is the "social media" and all the posts on Youtube showing the faces of those responsible. London Drugs was looted after their windows were broken. Everything was stolen EXCEPT the video surveillance equipment! London drugs has high quality photos of the faces of 200 looters and is working with the police to put names on these faces.Maybe this time it will be the perpetrators who will pay for the damage instead of consumers and taxpayers!

Surprise, surprise! This morning finds hundreds of ordinary citizens out helping to clean up the mess. They have brought shovels, brooms and bags with them, This is what Vancouver is really all about!

Guest Post From Les! Ouch!

Hello my name is Les and I am a good friend of Norma and Croft.....Croft and I are ardent hockey fans he being a Vancouver Canuck's fan with me being a fan of any other team they are playing.  The final was against the Boston Bruins and just a few hours ago my team prevailed!!!

We had a bet on the outcome of the finals and we agreed that the winner could post on the other person's blog...hence me guest writing here on Croft's blog.
The downside to all this is the small number of hooligans who are fighting, rioting and looting in downtown Vancouver hours after the game finished....such a black eye for the city!!!
So I have enjoyed this guest appearance on Croft's great blog...if you are totally bored you can read my blog at
Thanks Croft and best wishes to your readers!!!   Les
Oh and by the way


It's All Over!

4 - 0 for Boston!

Congratulations Boston! It was a hard fought battle between the two best teams and Boston prevailed after losing the first two games. Both teams were playing injured and without the services of some of their best players, a testament to the toughness of these athletes.

Thank you, Vancouver Canucks! You have given us a very exciting  year of hockey and came just short of taking the championship! Your fans are ready for another great performance next year! Thanks for the fantastic run, we are still with you!

A Deal Is A Deal!

My friend Les was so sure Boston would win that he offered me a "Guest Post" on his Blog if the Canucks won! I was so sure the Canucks would win that I returned the favor. Les, a fellow Mexico traveler has his own Blog.
His post will appear on my Blog shortly.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Game Seven!

I have a brand new Canucks shirt on and I have done my Canucks Dance! That is all I can do. The rest is up to the guys who put the puck in the net!

Game Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mason Raymond is in the crowd with a back brace! Great inspiration for his team mates! I can not believe it! Aaron Rome gets suspended for the rest of the season for an open ice hit on a player who was not paying attention and then Boston's Boychuk holds Raymond's head down and drives him ten feet backwards into the boards. breaking his back. No penalty, no game misconduct, no review, no suspension.

Go Canucks!!!!!!!!!!! You have earned this!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Red Eye Flight

Sunday started out bad. I left Campbell River at about 10 and missed the 1:15 ferry by three minutes! I napped in line for two hours and caught the 3:30 sailing. I still had lots of time when I left the Honda at the Holiday Inn Express and caught the shuttle to Vancouver Airport. My ticket said to be there three hours early and I was there by 7:00 for my 11:15 flight.

The problem was the flight left two hours late! They had some problem with the gate and then after we were boarded we had to wait almost an hour for the fuel truck. It was now about 1:00 AM and we had a crying baby on board! It was going to be a long flight!

I was napping and watching the movie with one eye when the stewardess came on and asked if there was a doctor on board! There did not appear to be one and I could not see what the problem was. She asked again with no result. I was thinking about telling her I had Industrial First Aid training with a long expired certificate but then realized the flight crew probably had similar training. My training was more along the lines of broken limbs and stabilizing patients than in medical emergencies so I would have been a hindrance anyway. I expected we would have been making an unscheduled landing to add a few more hours onto the flight but the crew seemed to get things under control and we carried on. No ambulance met the flight so all must have been well.

A $100 cab ride later, I was at my sister's door in Waterloo. I had a coffee with her and then retired for a three hour nap. By noon Toronto time I was up and acclimatized to the time zone.

Another Virgin Broadband!

My sister has no neighbors willing to share their WIFI, even with my Hawking dish. I can see about thirty connections, all password protected. What an untrusting neighborhood.

We went down to the mall and there was a Canadian Virgin kiosk selling Virgin Broadband! Not as good a deal as in the USA, I paid $80 for the hardware and 1 GB of data for 1 month is $50. 1 GB is not much but I do not need the card very often. I had a bit of a problem installing the software as it was conflicting with my USA Virgin program but once I uninstalled the USA software, away it went.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sitting in YVR

I missed the ferry by three minutes so had to wait two hours for the next one. I dropped the car off at the Holiday Inn Express and caught the shuttle to the airport. Now I am waiting for the check in to open at 8:15 PM. My flight leaves at 11:15. It is going to be a very long night!

At least YVR has fast FREE WIFI!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Catching The "Red Eye"

Tomorrow afternoon I drive/ferry over to Vancouver, leave the car in a parking lot and catch the "Red Eye" flight to Toronto, Ontario! I will be visiting my sister Gloria in Kitchener for nine days. She is "older" than me, in fact she was married sometime around my birth! She moved back east but we have been "close" even considering the huge difference in geography. I have been watching for a seat sale for some time and finally found a return flight for $150 (plus a ton of taxes to bring the total to over $400)! I leave Vancouver at 11:45 Sunday night and arrive in Toronto at 6:30 AM Monday. I will take the shuttle to her house and have a nap before the game starts at 8:00 Monday night. I think this will be my sister's first hockey game!

I do not know what the Internet situation will be there. My sister does not have Internet, as she does not even have a computer! Can you imagine not having a computer??!! I will take my Hawking dish so I am sure I will be able to find a signal to "borrow" in her residential neighborhood. If not, there is a coffee shop within walking distance that is sure to have WIFI.

It still might be a day or two before I can make a post. I am looking forward to my visit!

EDIT: For those wondering, no, I am not flying Air Canada which has been served Strike Notice by it's workers. I am flying on Sunwing, a charter airlines with very little leg room!

Tracy Morgan Is Not Funny!

Everyone has now heard about "comedian" Tracy Morgan's rabid, homophobic rant during a stand-up comedy act in Nashville earlier this month. He went into a tirade lasting several minutes during which a few members of the audience walked out but even more clapped and cheered.

Mr. Morgan:

It is not funny to say you would kill your children if they told you they were gay!
It is not funny to use the "n" word, even if you are black and even less funny to use the term referring to your own children!
It is not funny to tell bullied kids to "man up and quit being pansies"!
It is not funny to say that "Being gay is a "choice"!

Tracy Morgan is not funny. He is an ignorant, knuckle dragging homophobe and should be out looking for a new job, preferably something out of the public eye!

No Tracy, I do not accept your half-hearted "I'm sorry I got caught" apology. Way too little and way too late.

The organization, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays doesn't sound particularly impressed with Morgan's apology either. From the PFLAG blog:
“At a time when bullying and harassment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth is at an all-time high - when kids are being assaulted, are dying - to joke about committing violence against a child is outrageous and reprehensible. As a celebrity, Mr. Morgan needs to understand that his words have power; inciting violence against gay and lesbian kids in the name of comedy – stating that he would stab his own son to death if he was gay – is absolutely unconscionable. A simple apology is not enough – Mr. Morgan must take meaningful action to prove the sincerity of that apology,” said Jody Huckaby, Executive Director of PFLAG National.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Despite the best efforts of the referees and the Bruins, WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The referees really tried to influence the outcome of this game by calling everything against the Canucks and very little against the Bruins as well as throwing Vancouver's best faceoff man out of the circle in their own end with only minutes to go. I really hate this kind of officiating! If they want to be tough, fine, but at least call both sides the same!

Anyway, it does not matter! Luongo got his shutout and Vancouver only has to win one more while Boston has to win two. Advantage, Canucks!

EDIT: A comment by my friend Les, who is a soccer referee, has led me to add a little to this post. I generally agree with Les and seldom get too angry about questionable calls. They happen and no, I would not like to take the place of an on ice official. As I see it, the officiating has tended to be a little harder on the Canucks than on their opponents.

The suspension of Aaron Rome is one example. Yes the hit was a little late and the other player was hurt. No hockey fan wants to see any player injured. However, the hit was only a second or two late and if Nathan Horton had have been watching where he was going and not looking away admiring his pass, he would have seen the hit coming and could have defended himself against it. It was not a blind side hit and Rome does not have the reputation of being a dirty player. That is the first rule kids are taught in hockey, keep your head up and know what is going on around you. Rome was given a penalty and a game misconduct and that should have been it. The four game suspension was designed to remove him from the series. I do not believe there was any intent to injure. This was not the only late, hard hit in the game but it was the only penalized one.

My wife does not think there should be any hitting allowed, period. Other players should only be allowed to try to knock the puck off the stick of the player in possession of it but they should not be allowed to touch the player. I am not sure what this new game would be called, but it would not be hockey.

Summer Neighbors Are Back

Our neighbors are back for the summer! They have to rebuild every year due to the winds and rain over the winter but that task never deters them. They can get a little noisy at times but we never mind. I have not actually spotted the nest but it is in one of two trees on our wooded slope behind the house. Here are Mom and Dad Eagle surveying their domain!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Winter Expenses Compared

Item 2009 – 2010
2010 – 2011
Fuel (Honda) 468 469
Fuel (Motorhome) 3911 3956
Propane 74 99
Dining 3777 3714
Entertainment 113 1077
Groceries, Liquor (see note) 3589 3560
Admissions and Tours 102 155
Camping Fees (see note) 3691 3080
Highway Tolls 1030 5
Taxis, Bus 180 68
Other Travel
(Bahamas Cruise)
0 807
Hotels 592 422
TOTAL $17,527 $17,412
Cost Per Day $97.37 / day $106.82 / day


Well, that is quite remarkable! The winter in the USA cost exactly the same as the previous winter in Mexico! Some important notes are:

1) These figures are in Canadian dollars which were worth about 10% more this year. If I were using USA dollars, this year would have cost me about $1,741 more for the Winter or about $10.68 more per day.

2) We drove quite a bit further in the Mexico year. I did not keep records but probably at least 20% more.

3) The “Groceries and Liquor” classification covers everything we bought in grocery stores. This would include groceries, liquor, cleaning items, magazines, toilet paper, etc.

4) We boondocked MUCH more in the USA this year and stayed for a whole month at our friends in Florida for free. If we had stayed in RV parks every night the figure for this year would have been much higher, probably $1000 - $1500 higher.

5) We were away 17 days longer in the Mexico year than in the USA year.  180 days in Mexico and 163 days in the USA.

6) We dined out WAY more in Mexico. In Mexico we probably averaged one meal per day out, usually lunch or dinner and often both. In the USA the meal out was usually breakfast and the average was less than once per day (maybe 5 - 6 times a week). Restaurants are much cheaper in Mexico.

7) We entertained much more in Mexico as well and this is reflected in the “Groceries and Liquor” costs. Groceries are much cheaper in Mexico and the fact that we spent almost the same each year means we bought a much higher volume of these items in Mexico.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Even Wore My Lucky Shirt!

I wore my new Luongo shirt and the Canucks still lost! The series is tied and heading back to Vancouver. I need a Tylenol! At least game seven will be in Vancouver. I am still optimistic...

On the home front, we have not had a deer in the yard since the electric fence went up. Norma made a fence out of non-electrified chicken wire that she pulled across the driveway so there is no way in for them. Problem is, there is no way in for the newspaper woman, the letter carrier or the meter reader. It keeps her running to let them in. I am staying right out of it. If I see someone heading up the driveway I call Norma. I was the one who actually liked the deer!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The British (Columbians) are Coming! The British (Columbians) are Coming!

This is the call heard tonight in Boston as Game Three starts. Listen for Sarah Palin and Paul Revere "ringin' their bells and warnin' the ... British"???!!! Oh yes, "ridin' his horse and firein' all those warnin' shots" (from his muzzle loading rifle) - quite the feat on a galloping horse!

Back to the Game!

Well, this was embarrassing.... Oh well...... I never was one to say we would win in four straight games! We do not want to win in Boston anyway, it will be way more fun in Vancouver.

I must take part of the blame for this humiliating loss.  I was watching by myself and did not feel it necessary to wear my new Luongo shirt. I will not commit this error again. I will wear the shirt!

Norma vs. The Deer - Round 12

Or, The 20,000 Volt Solution.

Norma finally reached her breaking point the other day when the deer ate about $50 worth of freshly planted flowers in her garden while she was downtown for a haircut. She has tried everything including bottled blood, expensive sprays and me peeing in various corners of the gardens (that caused quite the flurry amongst the ladies in the condo next door)! Nothing worked! The deer were dining at will and the food just kept coming. Norma's Free All Night Deer Diner is open for business, everyone welcome.

Brooks and Linda were up on the weekend and she got them to install an electric fence! The parts cost a little under $200 and they ran three strands all around three sides of the property. She wanted him to continue across the driveway but we talked her out of electrocuting the early morning newspaper delivery woman so that is left open for now. I don't think many deer come in from the highway side anyway but she is trying to think of a way to block it off at night. I think Brooks and Linda might be back to install a sliding chain link gate sometime soon.

The morning after the electric fence was installed Linda was awakened by the sound of a deer screaming outside her back bedroom window so the fence seems to be working! We have gone three days now with no flowers being munched so the smell of victory is in the air. Or is it burning deer flesh? That would put a smile on Norma's face!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday Night

We had a bunch of friends over last night and since the weather cooperated, we had the get together outside. We try to do this every year so we can catch up on what is happening with everyone. It was a slightly smaller gathering than in the past, I think partly because some people wanted to stay home and watch the hockey game. The game was on here anyway but I taped it as well. It was a very exciting game which the Canucks won eleven seconds into overtime. Alex Burrows had a great wrap around goal after beating the biggest defenceman in the league with the Boston goalie getting caught way outside his net. Game Three is tomorrow night in Boston.

Many are saying the Canucks will win in four straight but I do not think it will be that easy. I still predict Vancouver in five or maybe six.

Today I am a little under the weather from having too much fun last night. My downfall was when I pulled out the bottle of tequila that our friend Les dropped off when he was here. It just tasted too good!

Here is Burrows just after his winning goal! A very funny thing just happened. Les just posted that the Bruins had won!!?? I think Les needs a new TV!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Windows 7 SP1

I noticed there was an SP1 upgrade ready for Windows 7 and started the install on my almost new laptop. I did this before Googling all the problems it can create if not done precisely right, like failing to boot and giving a black screen of death!

This can happen if you do not reboot as soon as the installation completes. By chance I was watching and rebooted as soon as it asked if I wanted to so the Microsoft Gods were smiling at me tonight. I am up to date!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Tide Is Turning

Now that  Vancouver has won game one of the Stanley Cup Finals I can take some time for some other far more important stuff.

I was watching the news tonight and a remarkable statistic came up. The majority of Americans now support the right of same sex couples to marry! Yes, a majority! And in some States, a huge majority! New Yorkers support Same Sex Marriage by 58 to 36%! The other 6% have no opinion.... How can you have no opinion?

Anyway, the tide has turned in this latest Civil Rights battleground. All across the USA people are coming to their senses and realizing that the arguments presented by "The Sky Is Falling" alarmists are exactly what they appear to be: empty arguments. It does not threaten opposite sex marriage, your marriage will not be declared invalid. School kids will not be taught that Obama will force them to marry someone of the same sex, your kids will not be taken away from you and given to a same sex couple to raise. And no, it will not lead to your being allowed to marry a horse no matter how deep your affection. In other words, the sky is not actually falling.

It is not much of an issue here in Canada. Same sex marriage has been allowed since 2005 and I have never heard of anything negative coming out of it. It is no big deal here. I have no personal stake in the issue but I support it because it is the right thing to do. Most of my gay friends do not seem to be too interested in getting married. I can understand their hesitation after they have had all that time to watch the effect of marriage on their straight friends. Anyway, if they ever did get married, it would be one heck of a party!

Obama is still sitting on the fence on the issue. He is still saying "god is in the mix" and that he supports something "almost", "sort of like", "just about" real marriage although he also says his opinion is "evolving". Not good enough! It is all or nothing! This is your last chance to get on the right side of history. Change is very near. Evolve already!

Here is a chart showing the change in public opinion in the USA since 1988 . Pretty conclusive.


It is however, no time to sit back and celebrate the apparent victory. There are many other issues that need addressing. Transgender rights need fixing and kids are being bullied to the point of suicide because they are gay or are perceived to be gay. One State just passed a law preventing the words "gay" or "Homosexual" to be used in school curriculum! We are all the same regardless of sex, color, sexual orientation or expression. None of us are any superior or inferior to anyone else, we all have the same rights. That is what it is all about and it is up to all of us to take a stand.Obama must be reminded that he was elected to represent and protect the rights of ALL Americans.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Game On!

I had an early dinner so nothing will pull me away from the TV. Game one starts in 15 Minutes!!!

Advantage Vancouver so far! Both goalies deserve a raise!

After first period 0 - 0. Fairly evenly matched. It will be a good game. Come on Canucks!!

0-0 after two! Vancouver's power play is not clicking! I predict next goal wins game.


Raffi Torres with 12 seconds to go in regulation time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!