Saturday, June 11, 2011

Catching The "Red Eye"

Tomorrow afternoon I drive/ferry over to Vancouver, leave the car in a parking lot and catch the "Red Eye" flight to Toronto, Ontario! I will be visiting my sister Gloria in Kitchener for nine days. She is "older" than me, in fact she was married sometime around my birth! She moved back east but we have been "close" even considering the huge difference in geography. I have been watching for a seat sale for some time and finally found a return flight for $150 (plus a ton of taxes to bring the total to over $400)! I leave Vancouver at 11:45 Sunday night and arrive in Toronto at 6:30 AM Monday. I will take the shuttle to her house and have a nap before the game starts at 8:00 Monday night. I think this will be my sister's first hockey game!

I do not know what the Internet situation will be there. My sister does not have Internet, as she does not even have a computer! Can you imagine not having a computer??!! I will take my Hawking dish so I am sure I will be able to find a signal to "borrow" in her residential neighborhood. If not, there is a coffee shop within walking distance that is sure to have WIFI.

It still might be a day or two before I can make a post. I am looking forward to my visit!

EDIT: For those wondering, no, I am not flying Air Canada which has been served Strike Notice by it's workers. I am flying on Sunwing, a charter airlines with very little leg room!

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  1. What? No 'puter?
    I'm not one for making comments...normally, but Even my Luddite brother in Nova Scotia has had a computer for a few years now, and I've even chatted with him on Skype. Wouldn't have believed that five years ago. Hope the flight goes well. Also hope it ain't Air Canada. Just saying. Trouble ahead for anyone flying with, "we're not happy until you're not happy" Air Canada.