Monday, June 27, 2011

Wow! That Was No Fun!

Three days flat on my butt! I have not been sick for several years but this made up for it! At one point I thought I might have pneumonia when I had the feeling I was "drowning" and had to consciously make myself breath. I feared if I went to sleep I might stop breathing altogether. If I laid down, I would go into coughing fits so I spent most of my time in my Lazy-Boy watching TV and dozing. Today I am much better with the headaches almost gone and my breathing almost back to normal.

Norma caught the same thing about a day after me and is about a day behind me in recovering from it. She is convinced that it was the lack of sunshine this past winter that was responsible. We did not get our annual dose of Vitamin C! Whatever it was, it was pretty scary!

I actually made it out of the house last night to take the garbage down the 100 foot driveway to the street. It had to get out as we are now only allowed a half a can per week and all I needed was the Campbell River Garbage Nazis after me! They actually told us we had to either buy a smaller can or else draw a line a foot down the side of the old can and to keep the garbage below that line. It completely exhausted me to take the garbage and the recycling bin down there. I really can't remember the last time I felt like that.


  1. OMG! Whatever bug you picked up sure set you back. Was it Norwalk?

    Those gestapo Campbell River garbage police are tough nuts, eh?

    Hope you both recover quickly....and get some breath back.

  2. Ouch! Sorry it turned into such a nasty bug. I'm with Norma, you guys need more sunshine!

    I guess I've been gone from NOB too long but, why do they care how much garbage you put out? Can't they just charge you for another bin if you need it? I'm sure I'm missing some first world point there. Plus, I'm spoiled by my 6 day a week pickup of as much as I want to put out. Did I mention it costs the equivalent of $14us a YEAR?

  3. Hopefully this will boost your immune system and you won't have another bout for quite some time. Say hi to Norma and get well soon.

  4. I just got over pneumonia last week, it was brutal. The doctor right away threw me on a week's bed rest and antibiotics.

    Get better soon!