Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver Riots

The riots in Vancouver after the hockey game were disgusting and an embarrassment to every hockey fan and BC resident. These riots had nothing to do with hockey fans and I am sure 90% of those involved did not even watch the game. They are simply hooligans looking for a chance to loot and destroy.

It has happened before but the big difference this time is the "social media" and all the posts on Youtube showing the faces of those responsible. London Drugs was looted after their windows were broken. Everything was stolen EXCEPT the video surveillance equipment! London drugs has high quality photos of the faces of 200 looters and is working with the police to put names on these faces.Maybe this time it will be the perpetrators who will pay for the damage instead of consumers and taxpayers!

Surprise, surprise! This morning finds hundreds of ordinary citizens out helping to clean up the mess. They have brought shovels, brooms and bags with them, This is what Vancouver is really all about!


  1. I'm still more embarrassed by Canada Post.

  2. I think anytime you mix a few thousand people in the street, with big screen TV's and some alcohol, you are going to have trouble. It only takes one to start it. The rest just follow.

    Unfortunately there weren't enough police and they weren't too sure what to do. We have had this in Edmonton too, and had to rethink the riot squad because of it.

    Alot to learn from this.

    But sickening nonetheless.

  3. I think everybody knew that there would be trouble after the's not the first time this has happened. The VPD was not very prepared. The hooligans should be jailed and fined heavily....Vancouver citizens will make sure of that! B.C. is morally deflated and embarrassed...A lot of parents are squirming right now....

  4. I don't think you should be beating yourselves up too much. Human nature is still human nature even in Vancouver and there are always going to be troublemakers in the crowd.

    Vancouver is still one of my favorite cities in the world!