Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's All Over!

4 - 0 for Boston!

Congratulations Boston! It was a hard fought battle between the two best teams and Boston prevailed after losing the first two games. Both teams were playing injured and without the services of some of their best players, a testament to the toughness of these athletes.

Thank you, Vancouver Canucks! You have given us a very exciting  year of hockey and came just short of taking the championship! Your fans are ready for another great performance next year! Thanks for the fantastic run, we are still with you!

A Deal Is A Deal!

My friend Les was so sure Boston would win that he offered me a "Guest Post" on his Blog if the Canucks won! I was so sure the Canucks would win that I returned the favor. Les, a fellow Mexico traveler has his own Blog.
His post will appear on my Blog shortly.

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