Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Pitch

I have an interest in a tiny Mexican village in the State of Veracruz called Xico, although I have never been there. It is the home of my Blogging friend, John Calypso, and I seriously intend to make a detour there one day to meet him. He is a very interesting character.

John and Anita own a couple of houses in Xico and rent one of them to Leah, an American ex-pat and her Mexican husband, Saul. (NOTE: John has corrected this statement in the Comments. Sorry.) Leah and Saul recently met a neighborhood family and heard the story of the six young children in their house. The kids are distant relatives of the Mexican couple and were abandoned by their parents and left to fend for themselves. When they picked them up the kids were living in a cardboard shelter in an empty dirt lot. Their ages range from 4 - 14, three boys and three girls. The girls (11, 8 & 6) have all been sexually abused.

This couple are desperately poor themselves but are going to legally adopt these kids. Leah has taken it upon herself to help this family out. Read the story *here* and I am sure that, like me, you will be unable to resist pushing the "Donate" button on Leah's Blog. This is Mexico so your donation does not have to be large. A little goes a very long way. A Starbucks coffee for two costs six or seven dollars and the reward you will get from letting Leah work with even that amount will make it easy to make your own cup of coffee today. This family will make it but the kids have some immediate needs that must be addressed.

Here is Leah's Blog entry after she and Saul made some blankets for them and bought a few basic hygiene supplies. The "Donate" button is on the right hand side. Thanks! I do not and will not do this sort of thing very often but there is a genuine need here and we can all help, regardless of the amount. Thanks again!


  1. Several small donations add up to hefty sum. We've had many $5 donations, some larger, but they all go a long way here. Thanks again, for caring for these kids. :)

  2. Croft - Just to correct one point you made - Leah and Saul took over our lease on the rental - we do not own it.

    We do in fact have two casas in Xico. There are a lot of very poor folks in our area.

    Thanks for putting the word out for Leah's effort.

    Also looking forward to your visiting our little corner of Mexico ;-)