Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Virgin Broadband!

My sister has no neighbors willing to share their WIFI, even with my Hawking dish. I can see about thirty connections, all password protected. What an untrusting neighborhood.

We went down to the mall and there was a Canadian Virgin kiosk selling Virgin Broadband! Not as good a deal as in the USA, I paid $80 for the hardware and 1 GB of data for 1 month is $50. 1 GB is not much but I do not need the card very often. I had a bit of a problem installing the software as it was conflicting with my USA Virgin program but once I uninstalled the USA software, away it went.


  1. "What an untrusting neighbourhood"

    1) Companies are now starting to charge people with excessive bandwidth, so you can be hit by a bill if you get a vandal who starts downloading everything under the sun with your connection.

    1a) If you get that sort of vandal, it really slows down the connection.

    2) Perverts troll around for open wifi signals to download illegal materials like child porn. The person who owns the connection then has a lot of explaining to do.

    3) An open wifi signal is pretty much an open door into your computer, especially if you have a PC.

    4) Logging onto someone else's wifi, even if open, is considered theft.

    Lecture done. :-)

    Glad you made it safely!

    Good to know that the devices are really going down in price! With Telus, I pay $72 with tax for 5GB, and then $52 per gigabyte, same deal as the other companies. So your $50 fee for the 1GB is actually competitive in Canada.

  2. I agree Rae, there are people out there taking advantage and my tongue was in my cheek when I made that statement.

    However, it sure is nice to be able to find an open connection to read my mail and to post a Blog entry.

    I always feel that if a person does not put a password on, they are giving me permission to use the connection responsibly.

    My home connection is unprotected and I know it is used once in a while by the daughter of one of the old folks in the condo next door to get her email. No problem! I am far enough from the road and other civilization that I get no trollers